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Ubisoft's Just Dance 2023 will have online multiplayer for the first time

San Fran-disco.

The next instalment in the Just Dance series was unveiled as part of this evening's Ubisoft Forward.

In a first for the series, online multiplayer will be included on Just Dance 2023's release, along with a new art direction, user interface and a host of colourful characters.

You can have a closer look at Just Dance 2023 in the trailer below.

A closer look at Just Dance 2023.

Following its initial release, more songs and features will continue to be added throughout the year.

Meanwhile, players will be able to partake in the series' new online multiplayer across all platforms with parties of up to six people. Ubisoft has confirmed to Eurogamer that full cross-play will be supported on Just Dance 2023's release.

The new Just Dance homepage.

As with previous games, players will be able to control the game via a mobile app, and an updated app will be releasing along with the game's launch.

"There will now be two controller apps on the app store - the new app is compatible with Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X only and the current app for previous-gen. Switch players who are using the controller app for [Just Dance 2023] Edition will need to use the new app to play," Ubisoft told Eurogamer.

Just Dance 2023 is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season. It will also be coming to Stadia at a later date.

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