Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock News

Activision offered Axl Rose his own game

To appease the singer who was suing for $20 million.

Back in 2010, Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose sued Activision for $20 million because he wasn't happy about Guitar Hero 3 featuring the likeness of his former bandmate and arch nemesis Slash singing "Welcome to the Jungle." He was also dismayed at Activision's use of "Sweet Child O' Mine" in Guitar Hero 3 ads, when he thought he'd only allowed the publisher permission to use it in Guitar Hero 2.

Axl Rose sues Activision

He's furious that Slash was in GHIII.

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is suing Activision for $20 million, claiming the publisher breached an agreement not to use the likeness of former guitarist Slash in Guitar Hero III.

Activision closes Guitar Hero dev

RIP Budcat Creations.

Following news earlier today that Blur dev Bizarre Creations was facing down an uncertain future, Activision has axed another one of its acquisitions Budcat Creations.

Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal

Wants kids to learn to play the real thing.

Prince has said he turned down a deal to put his songs in Guitar Hero. (That's the artist formerly known as the funny symbol thing Prince, not the one who talks to plants or the one who likes to dress up as Nazis or the one who's a massive racist.)

Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in US

Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in US

But gap narrows as music games decline.

Investment analyst Ben Schachter of UBS has been poring over the sales figures of Guitar Hero and Rock Band in the US, and has found that the Activision Blizzard series outsold the EA games by over a million copies in November.

The picture isn't quite as clear-cut as it seems, though. Schachter - as quoted by GameSpot - found that Guitar Hero sales are in decline compared to last year, while Rock Band's are increasing sharply. Overall, the huge US market for music games created by the original Guitar Hero seems to be in decline.

Over 1.7 million Guitar Hero games of all versions and formats were sold in the US in November, of which 978,000 were copies of the latest version, Guitar Hero World Tour. This compares with 628,452 copies of Rock Band and Rock Band 2.

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Nickelback singer slams Guitar Hero

Tells "kids" to pick up a real instrument.

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has taken a pop at Guitar Hero, saying players would be better off learning a real instrument.

Third-party Wii guitars causing injuries

Batteries leaking and burning flesh.

The Rage Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii is being recalled because of faulty circuitry causing batteries to leak on and burn human beings that might have families.

Microsoft reduces DLC prices

Up to 60 per cent off certain bundles.

Microsoft has significantly lowered the price of many popular DLC bundles on Xbox Live as part of a special promotion called Extended Play Download Days.

Civ Rev DLC heads PSN weekly update

Civ Rev DLC heads PSN weekly update

Plus GH3 songs, Secret Agent Clank demo.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with a Wonders & Artefacts pack for Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution, which costs GBP 0.69.

There's also a fresh trio of songs for Guitar Hero III by three artists signed to the Interscope Records label: Marilyn Manson, AFI, and Flyleaf. Cost, as always, is GBP 3.99.

Following is a demo for run-of-the-mill PSP action game Secret Agent Clank, which you could simply read our Ellie review of.

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More Dragonforce for Guitar Hero III

Tricky triplet for August.

Dragonforce will be releasing three more tricky tracks for Guitar Hero III owners to swear along to on 21st August, according to the band's label, Roadrunner Records.

PSN: Siren, Gangs of London PSP

Plus echochrome demo, GH3 pack.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network store with Siren: Blood Curse (albeit with slightly rejigged pricing, Gangs of London for PSP and an echochrome demo.

WOW song coming to GHIII

I Am Murloc available free today.

As Activision and Blizzard prepare to merge, we get the first sign of what executives likes to call 'synergy' between their businesses: a World of Warcraft-themed song distributed as a free downloadable on Guitar Hero III.

Coldplay tracks for Guitar Hero 3

"Violet Hill" and "Yellow" among them.

Activision has plans to add a trio of Coldplay songs to Guitar Hero 3 this Thursday, including a track from the recently released "Viva la Vida" album.

Rock star slags off Guitar Hero

Nothing like the real thing, says Mayer.

Guitar-playing American pop star John Mayer has had a go at Guitar Hero, arguing nothing can compare to playing a real musical instrument.

Activision details June GH3 songs

Activision details June GH3 songs

Five packs: "I Predict A Riot".

Activision has whisked together a list of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock songs coming out in June.

Kicking it off are a trio of belters from that band Motorhead. "We Are the Road Crew", "Stay Clean" and "Motorhead" should give tickle your fancy enough to buy the upcoming album. It hopes.

The next pack, available on 12th June, pays homage to three Isle of Wight festival headliners. Inside is "Shoot the Runner" by Kasabian, "I Predict a Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs, and a live rendition of "Problems" by The Sex Pistols.

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Guitar Hero III world record broken

Man gets insane score on Dragonforce tune.

Are you good at Guitar Hero III? Not by the standards of a man named Daniel Johnson, you're not, because if you were you'd be the world record holder. He's broken the world record for a Guitar Hero III score, is what we're saying.

God of War II song for Guitar Hero III

Out next month for free - in Europe too.

Xbox 360 owners and PS3 owners have always been best of friends, as everyone knows, but there were some puffy eyes and grumpy faces around the Guitar Hero III dinner table last November when 360 players bagged themselves a free Halo 3 theme tune download. Six months later, Sony is fighting back with its own bespoke download: a song called "The End Begins (to Rock)" from God of War II.

Guitar Hero III songs lead PSN update

Guitar Hero III songs lead PSN update

Depressing. Elephants? They're brilliant.

Three fresh songs for Guitar Hero III are all the PlayStation Store has to offer this week, disappointingly.

These are wrapped up in a Modern Metal Track Pack - the same one Live and US PSN had last week - and will cost GBP 3.99.

Inside is "Almost Easy" by Avenged Sevenfold, "The Arsonist" by Thrice, and "Hole in the Earth" by The Deftones.

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GH3 Dropkick Murphys pack on XBL

Free songs to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Guitar Hero III's Dropkick Murphys Track Pack has arrived on Xbox Live just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2008. Best of all, it's absolutely free.

Gibson launches Guitar Hero lawsuit

Gibson launches Guitar Hero lawsuit

Claims patents have been infringed.

Gibson Guitar has filed a lawsuit against Activision, claiming the Guitar Hero games infringe one of the company's patents.

According to Reuters, Gibson has a 1999 patent for technology used to simulate a musical performance. It sent a letter explaining this to Activision in January.

"Based on our preliminary analysis, the Guitar Hero software (including any expansion packs) and the guitar controller provided by Activision being used as a musical instrument (packaged with the software or sold standalone) are covered by the ... patent," the letter read.

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Another quiet week for PAL PSN

flOw expansion pack the highlight.

Fans of thatgamecompany's flOw are the beneficiaries of some additional content for their mutant-worms-underwater-'em-up this week, courtesy of the PAL PSN update.

Be a Guitar Hero record breaker

Guinness needs your help.

UPDATE:The venue for the Guitar Hero record attempt has now changed and will not be HMV Oxford Street as previously reported. More news soon...

Toy Home on PAL PSN

And Populous PSone.

Spare a thought for poor old Sony, still slaving away over the hobs of Internet-based file distribution, brow moist with the grimy sweat of a hundred peeled videogame trailers, arms caked with the grease of the fires of user verification wrappers, breath shallow with the [get on with it - Ed] - and all so we can play Toy Home (GBP 4.99) and the PSone's Populous: The Beginning (GBP 3.49).

GH3 360 content emerges

Free song plus three others.

Those of you standing around waiting for the Guitar Hero III downloadable content announced the other day can now sink your Microsoft Points into half of the promised new releases - or not, in the case of a Christmas freebie - as Major Nelson's blog announces and Live Marketplace confirms the upload of new content.

Guitar Hero III DLC plans

For PS3 and 360 this month.

Activision is set to offer seven new songs in various downloadable content packages during December on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

COD5, GH4 confirmed?

COD5, GH4 confirmed?

ActiBlizz deal leaks word.

Activision Blizzard has let slip word that it is working on Call of Duty 5 and Guitar Hero IV, reports.

A fact sheet on the freshly launched website unveiled the projects, which appear in the Activision "pipeline" summary.

It also talks of new Tony Hawk and James Bond games, as well as titles based on the Marvel and DreamWorks licences. Its new Bizarre Creations racing game was listed, too.

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Standalone GH3 guitars dated

Should be early 08 for all.

Activision has said that stocks of standalone wireless guitars for Guitar Hero III will be made available across the US in "early 2008".

GH3 gets Halo theme

Boosting music sales, too.

Activision has released a remix of the Halo theme for Guitar Hero III. It's now available on Live and it won't cost you a penny.

Foos and Velvet tracks for GH3

Three tracks per band on Live.

EA may be making a big song and dance about the full albums it will be selling as downloads for Rock Band, but Activision's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is due out this month and already there are downloadable songs built around particular bands - with Foo Fighters and Velvet Revolver packs going up today.

Official Live GH3 demo tomorrow

Practice for upcoming compo.

Activision has said that the official Guitar Hero III demo will be on Live Marketplace tomorrow, otherwise known as a day before my birthday.

Guitar Hero III dated

Official confirmation.

As we pointed out earlier, retailers have been promising us Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on 23rd November for a little while now, but now Activision's officially saying the same thing. Hurrah!

Guitar Hero III 360 demo

On Internet, not Live. Works.

With Guitar Hero III around a month away, clever Internet men have found a way for you to download a demo, burn it to CD and DVD and then play it on your totally unmodified, normal person Xbox 360.

Activision confirms GH3 tracks

Activision confirms GH3 tracks

Dated for November.

Activision has finally given us a look at its song sheet for Guitar Hero III, which contains more master tracks than ever, thanks to fancy relationships with musical people.

What's more, it looks as though that leaked line-up from a couple of weeks ago wasn't far off being spot on, give or take a few licks.

The third game in the acclaimed rhythm action series has been created without usual developer Harmonix, who made new best friends with Rock Band publishers EA and MTV.

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GHIII demo in Tony Hawk's

Best played separately.

Activision has revealed it will be sneaking a Guitar Hero III demo into the Xbox 360 version of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.

GC: GHIII goes international

Die Toten Hosen!

Activision has revealed an international track list for Guitar Hero III, in an effort to show us that people all over the world really like it.

GC: Quiz RedOctane's Kai Huang

You call the tune.

The battle of the gaming bands is upon us. While Guitar Hero is pounding groupies backstage, biting the the bat's head off the rhythm-action genre, a cocky young upstart has emerged, threatening to topple the veteran rocker from its perch of poodle-haired posturing.

More Guitar Hero III tracks

Chili Peppers, Iron Maiden.

Neversoft has revealed four more of the songs that make up the line-up in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, due out later this year on PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 and Wii.

Activision signs with Gibson

Customisable guitars for GHIII.

Activision has signed an exclusive partnership with Gibson Guitars to feature over 20 of the manufacturer's instruments in the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, is reporting.

Guitar Hero III shows its chops

Wireless Les Paul! Paint It Black!

Activision has just revealed the first details of the next version of Guitar Hero, which may or may not still be called Guitar Hero III.

The EGTV Show - Episode 10

Hour of Victory, Guitar Hero III, ShadowRun, Football Manager Live.

The latest Episode of the globe-trotting EGTV is all about Guns, Guys and Guitars. Sadly not all in the same game, rather shoulder-to-shoulder in a packed half-hour of televisual temptation.

New Guitar Hero every year

With regular content packs.

Guitar Hero publisher RedOctane says it plans to offer "one major release" of Guitar Hero every year from now on, backed up with regular content packs through online services, which will include new songs.