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EA boss talks Godfather II game

"GTA-style" with RTS elements.

Silver haired Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello has been chattering away about the company's plans for a sequel to The Godfather game.

Godfather downloads on Live

Buy guns, in-game money, etc.

Electronic Arts has released a bunch of guns and other trinkets for The Godfather on Xbox 360, although you'll have to pay for the privilege of using them.

Godfather sequels on the way?

Godfather sequels on the way?

It's mighty likely, according to EA.

EA's videogame adaptation of The Godfather may not even be on the shelves yet, but the publishing giant is already planning to develop titles based on the second and third instalments in the movie series.

That's according to executive producer David DeMartini, who told BBC News: "We went into this venture taking into consideration the establishment of a brand new franchise. Our intention is to make two and three."

DeMartini said that around 75 per cent of the game is based on the film, while 15 per cent has been inspired by Mario Puzo's novel. As for the remaining 10 per cent, well, they just made it up: "We wanted to create an intense gaming experience, exclusive of the license.

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Godfather to launch later on next-gen, PSP platforms

Electronic Arts has confirmed that its movie licensed gangster romp, The Godfather, will not be appearing on PSP or Microsoft's next-generation Xbox 360 console when the game hits retail stores in March.

Already the subject of various development delays, The Godfather was originally scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2005, during the industry's busiest sales period as consumers prepare for Christmas. The initial change in release dates, pushing the title to March 2006, prompted analysts to lower their estimates for the company's full-year performance.

Development on current generation platforms, including PC, PS2 and Xbox is almost complete for the Mature-rated title, and the game is on schedule for a simultaneous multi-format release in March.

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Brando's voice is in Godfather

EA clarifies the situation.

Electronic Arts has clarified the role of the late, great Marlon Brando in its Godfather game, which recently slipped to 2006.

The Godfather slips

Quality issues hold it back.

Leading publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that The Godfather, seen as its headline M-rated title for the holiday season, has slipped into next year - leading analysts to reduce their full-year estimates for the company's performance.

No Godfather on Nintendo

EA whacks those rumours.

A representative from Electronic Arts UK has confirmed to Eurogamer that, despite rumours to the contrary, there are currently no plans to release The Godfather on any Nintendo consoles.

Godfather trailer

Godfather trailer

Don your BitTorrents.

EA has released an 80-second trailer showing off in-game sequences of its forthcoming videogame based on Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather mafia films. You can download the trailer from Eurofiles here.

The Godfather game, criticised by Coppola earlier this year, is expected to appear on current console systems, Xbox 360 and PSP, and sees you joining the Corleone family as a low-level thug and rising up the ranks.

The trailer shows plenty of brutal killing including men holding guns to each other's heads and pulling the trigger in graphic style, the odd recognisable character and lots of random mafia beatings - including one that sees someone flung off a rooftop.

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Coppola slags off Godfather game

Top director wants to put new EA title in a concrete overcoat and throw it off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Francis Ford Coppola has proper gone off on one about Electronic Arts' new Godfather game, despite earlier claims by the design team that they were granted access to his archives.

Brand new Godfather trailers, screenshots

Brand new Godfather trailers, screenshots

In addition to the new features you've probably spotted to the left, we've also got an new screenshots and artwork, an intro cinematic, and a video of Duvall and Caan re-recording dialogue.

As you may have noticed, we're indebted to The Godfather for much of what you can see on the front page this morning. During a recent trip to New York's Little Italy, Rob was able to chat to see the game, meet actors Robert Duvall and James Caan, and talk to various members of the EA Redwood Shores team about their work on the title.

As such, this morning we have our first impressions of the game as well interviews with the creative team and executive producer, all of whom have much to say about translating the revered subject matter and maintaining its themes and attractiveness.

However in addition to all that, we also have a handful of new screenshots and artwork for you to check out here, while Eurofiles is host to a pair of short movies. The first of these is an introductory cinematic from the game featuring Marlon Brando, but the second is quite a gem - a chance to see Robert Duvall and James Caan re-recording key dialogue for the game and a look at how it was then implemented.

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EA attracts star names to GTA-style Godfather game

James Caan, Robert Duvall and the late Marlon Brando have all contributed, the soundtrack is authentic and the style is distinctly GTA-esque.

Electronic Arts has opened the books on its adaptation of The Godfather after the Hollywood Reporter revealed that star actors James Caan and Robert Duvall have committed voice acting work and their likenesses circa 1972 for use in the game, and that the late Marlon Brando entered into a similar agreement and recorded voice work prior to his death last year. EA has also secured the rights to use Nino Rota's musical compositions for the film and its soundtrack.

EA premieres Godfather trailer

EA premieres Godfather trailer

And we've got it on Eurofiles.

Electronic Arts has released a trailer for its film-licensed videogame version of The Godfather, which is expected to hit consoles in late 2005. Download it from Eurofiles here (5MB).

The trailer consists of a rendered version of the late Marlon Brando as Don Corleone sitting in his office delivering a shortened version of the famous "Some day, and that day may never come..." monologue, all the while that music plays in the background.

EA hasn't officially commented on it, but rumour has it that Brando completed the recording of all his dialogue for the game prior to his death earlier this year.

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De Niro and Pacino square up for Godfather

EA is targeting Hollywood superstars Robert de Niro and Al Pacino for involvement in its Godfather games. Notice the plural, you schmuck.

EA is believed to be chasing the likenesses and voices of Robert de Niro and Al Pacino for its recently confirmed Godfather games, with talk from sources close to the publisher suggesting the gangster mega-stars may actually record brand new material for the projects.

EA plans Godfather title

Look how they massacred my boy.

EA's Chief Financial Officer Warren Jenson was also at the Bear Stearns Conference where Max Payne 3 was first mooted this week, and funnily enough he was also banging on about mature gaming content. We're glad he was, too, because when he was probed about EA's interest in adult titles, Jenson replied, "I think that many of you know that we are developing The Godfather." Oh you are, are you?