Football Manager 2013 News

"We tell Sega what our release dates are"

The boss of Football Manager speaks out on the health of the series.

EA admits defeat to Football Manager

Publisher blows final whistle on FIFA Manager series.

Football Manager 13 illegally downloaded over 10m times

"Crackers are going to crack and people will download."

Football Manager 2013 best-selling game in the series

FM14 to launch on Linux with crossplay.

Aliens: Colonial Marines managed 1.31 million sales

That about merits a sequel doesn't it? What?

UK government's cultural test for video games revealed

Tax breaks to depend on local characters, settings, developers.

Football Manager Classic won't be separated from core FM games

Was originally pitched as the game SI would return to console with.

Games seeking UK tax breaks must pass points-based test

"UKIE welcomes the government's proposal to recognise fictional settings and species."

Will Creative Assembly consider always online for Total War: Rome 2?

"It's certainly not something we're planning to do."

Football Manager 2013's new bits in video detail

Get a load of the new 3D match engine and more.

Football Manager 2013 interview: acres of new information about that Classic mode

"It's something that we thought other people might have done by now."

SI: There's a new Football Manager Handheld coming before Christmas

And on Andriod, despite piracy rising to 11:1.