Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight News

Victory: Command & Conquer back on top

New game announcement "later this year".

The leaked news that EA has created a new developer responsible for breathing new life into the Command & Conquer series is now official, and it comes with a pledge to fans: C&C will be top RTS dog once again.

New Command & Conquer revealed, pulled

EA developer Victory Games at the helm.

A new game in the long-running real-time strategy series Command & Conquer looks set for a reveal after the game's official website spilled new details before EA yanked it off the internet.

Free C&C4 update adds new maps

Free C&C4 update adds new maps

To freshen five-on-five action.

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight has gained three new multiplayer maps as part of a free bug-fix patch.

The maps are Capitol Coup, Disputed Depot and Bridge to Nowhere. They'll cater for 5v5 battles and aerial shots of each can be found on the Command & Conquer website.

This patch is free, incidentally, and will be applied like a title update when next starting the game.

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C&C4 DRM causing problems

Internet requirement to blame.

Command & Conquer 4's requirement of a permanent internet connection is causing problems, with some purchasers unable to play properly since the game's release last Friday.

No LAN or dedicated servers for C&C4

Due to centralised progression system.

Command & Conquer 4 lead designer Sam Bass has said that the latest game in the long-running real-time strategy series won't support dedicated servers.

C&C boss discusses digital future

RTS series heading to Facebook?

New Command & Conquer brand boss Jon Van Canegham has hinted at a "direct-to-consumer" future for the venerable real-time strategy series.

EA confirms C&C4 only for PC

EA confirms C&C4 only for PC

Leaks are true. Due next year.

EA has announced Command & Conquer 4 for release on PC next year. Surprise! Or perhaps not.

To clarify, however, there are no console versions planned - if what EA told vg247 holds true.

The biggest features are an RPG persistent progression system across all gameplay modes, which may or may not include online - EA doesn't specify. Even without, multiplayer still has new 5v5, objective-based challenges, which the re-deployable construction units should spice up.

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