Civilization IV News

Sid Meier to create an MMO?

Strategy legend is "exploring the possibilities".

Firaxis boss and lord of all Civilization Sid Meier has revealed he's working on ideas for an MMO game.

PC gaming "should be like Punk Rock"

Spore developer loves its variety.

Former Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson, currently hard at work on Spore, reckons PC gaming "should be like Punk Rock" for developers - rich with variety.

Civ box set coming to Europe

Yours for just 40 quid.

Take-Two has confirmed to Eurogamer that a new box set containing all the Civilization games, plus a bundle of extras, is coming to Europe.

Civ IV to get new expansion

Civ IV to get new expansion

Warlords due out this summer.

It seems Sid Meier has found time in his busy schedule of producing games about pirates! and railroads! to develop an expansion pack for PC strategy title Civilization IV.

The expansion, which is called Civilization IV: Warlords, features brand new units, which are called warlords. It'll feature some of history's greatest military leaders in six new scenarios, giving you the chance to change history.

You can take control of an ancient Chinese kingdom, or fight in the Peloponnesian wars. Alternatively you might like to join Alexander the Great as he attempts to conquer Persia, Egypt and India, or become ruler of the vikings and set out pillaging the whole of Europe.

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New Civilization IV demo

Try out Sid Meier's latest epic.

Firaxis has released a new demo for Civilization IV, the latest instalment in the hit turn-based strategy series - and it's now available for download.

Meet Civ creator Sid Meier

And get him to sign your game.

Videogame legend Sid Meier is heading to London next Friday - and if you get yourself down to HMV Oxford Street, you can meet the man himself.

Civ IV info, pics

New features, modding options.

Sid Meier - well, someone who works for him, anyway - has unveiled more details of the latest instalment in PC real-time strategy series Civilization IV. There are some new screenshots, too, which can be found here.