Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is one of the most interesting MMOs to come along in some time. It first caught our attention due to the startlingly realistic character creator, which lays legitimate claim to being the best in class - but it's a compelling game in its own right, thanks to engaging combat that Bertie reckoned to be revolutionary.

I've lost count of how many times I've shuffled hotbars of skills and spells in persistent online fantasy worlds. What I want is my abilities available on keys one-to-five, because those are the ones I can get to quickly from movement keys WASD. But there are never only five abilities, and different situations call for different abilities.

There's no arguing, Black Desert Online has one of the finest character creation screens of any genre. It's powerful enough to have been made its own download, a world away from just putting Head One onto Body One, or Boobs Two in the case of half the characters in most MMOs. Tweak face vertices. Make the perfect eyes. Apply make-up. Dye the tips of your hair. Make the character of your dreams, as long as they can more or less fit into an anime style Korean RPG.