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Below finally has a release date - and it's next week

Below, the long-in-development dungeon crawler from Canadian indie studio Capybara, finally has a release date, and it's very soon. The game will be released on Xbox One and PC (on Steam) in just over a week's time, on Friday 14th December.

Below was first revealed during Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference and has been delayed multiple times, at one point indefinitely. I personally last saw it at GDC in 2016, over two and a half years ago. The game looked good and Capy boss Nathan Vella seemed upbeat. But it was later that year that it was delayed with no new launch window, and everything went quiet.

Below resurfaced at GDC this year, promising a 2018 release. Wes spoke with Vella around that time and he was, mostly, still upbeat.

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Below is coming out this summer, finally

New trailer shows how it's shaping up.

Capy's procedurally-generated roguelike Below was announced nearly three yeas ago at E3 2013, and now it's finally on the horizon with a summer launch planned for Xbox One and Steam.

CapyGames' action roguelike Below confirmed for Steam

Sword & Sworcery and Clash of Heroes developer CapyGames' upcoming action roguelike Below is now slated for a Steam release in addition to its already announced Xbox One destination.

The developer made the announcement in its new Come in From the Storm trailer below. This also commemorates that Below will be playable for the first time this weekend at PAX East.

It's not clear if by "Steam" this means PC-only, or if Mac and Linux will be supported as well. We're looking into that and whether it will have a simultaneous Steam/Xbox One release, or if it will be exclusive to Microsoft's console for a set period of time. We'll update as we find out more.

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Microsoft unveils Xbox One indie developer self-publishing program

Microsoft has unveiled its Xbox One indie developer self-publishing program.

Microsoft said it met with more than 50 developers to learn what they wanted from a self-publishing program, and ID@Xbox, as it's known, is the result.

Under the new rules, each registered developer will receive two development kits at no cost, and developers will have access to the full power of the console, cloud services, Kinect and the Xbox Live toolset, which includes Xbox SmartGlass, multiplayer, Achievements and Gamerscore, among other things.

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Capybara's roguelike Below is only a timed exclusive for Xbox One

Capybara's roguelike Below is only a timed exclusive for Xbox One

"Wherever there is an audience," Capy will be there!

Sword & Sworcery and Clash of Heroes developer Capybara's highly anticipated real-time roguelike Below is only going to be a timed-exclusive for Xbox One rather than a permanent installation on Microsoft's upcoming console.

Below debuted at Microsoft's E3 press conference, leading many to believe it would remain in the Redmond-based company's camp, but Capybara recently confirmed on its blog that Below will only be exclusive at launch before it migrates to other, unannounced platforms.

"Like many games on stage at E3, Below will be available on the Xbox One first. Then, after a period of time, Capy can bring it elsewhere," the developer said. It noted that "It's always been this way," though it couldn't talk about it at E3. Things were a bit crazy at the time.

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