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Watch Harmonix's first Amplitude gameplay trailer

Rock Band studio Harmonix has shown off the first gameplay trailer for its Amplitude reboot.

In development for PlayStation 4 and PS3, the new version of Amplitude is due to launch at some point in 2015.

Writing in a new post on the EU PlayStation blog, Harmonix also detailed a new team multiplayer mode, featuring two-on-two and one-on-three battles.

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Insomniac CEO Ted Price donates $7500 to Harmonix's Amplitude HD Kickstarter

Rhythm game revival is in dire straits with three days left.

Things have been looking grim for Harmonix's Amplitude HD Kickstarter campaign that's only raised $389,870 of its $775K goal with only a paltry three days to go. But don't despair, as Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games is lending a hand in promoting Harmonix's struggling crowdfunding effort.

Harmonix launches Kickstarter for a new Amplitude game

Harmonix launches Kickstarter for a new Amplitude game

Will have Cross-Buy support on PS3 / PS4.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band developer Harmonix wants to make a modern successor to its 2003 PS2 outing Amplitude for PS3 and PS4.

The problem is it needs to gauge interest in such a project. The solution: Kickstarter.

Harmonix only launched its crowdfunding campaign a scant few hours ago, but it's already raised $75,604 of its $775K goal with 18 days left until its 23rd May deadline.

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Harmonix "would love" to do Amplitude 2

Rigopulos keen on idea of PS3 sequel.

Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos has said he would "love" to do a sequel to Amplitude on PlayStation 3, and has already talked to IP owner Sony about the possibility.

Rock Band owes lots to Amplitude

Harmonix pays tribute to, er, itself.

Harmonix had to learn the hard way that people will only play amazing games like FreQuency and Amplitude if you give them big stupid plastic musical instruments to hold.

FeatureCult Classics: PlayStation 2

Part 1: Games you really should try!

It's been a while since we've done one of these and, since each new console generation usually results in older hardware being passed on and great software going cheap, it seems like a good excuse to have another dig around in the archives for some of the PS2 games that never really got a fair deal. The games that were maybe too innovative to stand out in an industry increasingly devoted to predictable franchise-building. The games that were deemed too weird, or were sunk by poor marketing. This, then, is not a list of the greatest PS2 games ever made, even though several here certainly deserve that praise. Many more are solid 7/10 efforts that fell by the wayside. All are recommended for adventurous souls with a taste for the eclectic.



Tom plays a while to soothe our spirits.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)


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