1979 Revolution

1979 Revolution's rough edges don't obscure its ambition in a worthwhile, enlightening narrative adventure.

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Video game developers donate portion of sales to War Child

Video game developers donate portion of sales to War Child

World of Tanks, Verdun 1914, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution all involved.

A raft of video games are donating a portion of their sales to War Child's Armistice fundraising campaign this month.

The developers of World of Tanks, Verdun 1914, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday are all donating a portion of their sales.

War Child's Armistice is a fundraising campaign that encourages peaceful gameplay to support children affected by conflict.

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1979 Revolution review

Recommended1979 Revolution review

The Shah will remember that.

In a post 9/11 world Muslims haven't exactly had the most rounded portrayal in the west - though when it comes to video games they never had much positive representation before 9/11 either. At worst they're sprinkled into shooters as enemy cannon fodder, and at best represented as innocent civilians you're protecting from their homeland's violent extremists. Civilians of these regions are seldom fleshed out beyond panicked extras, so when 1979 Revolution: Black Friday comes along and portrays a good guy who ends his prayers with "Allahu-Akbar", it stands out.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Publisher: Ink Stories

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Historical drama 1979 Revolution is coming along nicely in its latest trailer

Historical episodic adventure 1979 Revolution, a game about the events surrounding Iran's cultural revolution, is now set to release its debut episode, Black Friday, this autumn on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and "consoles".

Developer Ink Stories creative director Navid Khonsari confirmed to Eurogamer that he's in talks with Sony and Microsoft about console releases, but the final details have yet to be sorted.

In the meantime, 1979 Revolution has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign, where the following new trailer shows off how the game is shaping up.

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Games for change: 1979 Revolution preview

FeatureGames for change: 1979 Revolution preview

An Iranian dev's ambitious adventure about its homeland's history.

Imagine waking up and checking Facebook. Maybe one of your friends points you to an interesting essay, fun survey, or cute cat video. For Navid Khonsari, he was linked to an article from his native Iran that branded him a spy.

And what did he do to incur the wrath of his homeland? Khonsari revealed that he was making a game about the 1979 Iranian revolution. Nevermind that his goal with the game was to tell both sides of the tumultuous conflict he grew up during.

Khonsari, a veteran game developer and movie producer who worked on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the arm wrestling documentary Pulling John, first announced his upcoming project, 1979 Revolution, at a promotional event for a project his friends were working on - an app based on the graphic novel Operation Ajax.

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