X-Men Destiny


X-Men: Destiny

Sleeping mutie.

VideoX-Men Destiny trailer shows choices

Superhero download out this week.

VideoX-Men: Destiny character suit trailers

Juggernaut, Emma Frost and Havok.

VideoX-Men Destiny trailer shows powers

From Too Human dev Silicon Knights.

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Silicon Knights is "very busy" and "definitely alive"

Though declined to say how many people are left or where it's now located.

Eternal Darkness and Too Human developer Silicon Knights is "definitely alive," despite Epic Games' $4.45 million dollar lawsuit against the studio for Unreal Engine 3 licensing fees that resulted in all copies of Too Human and X-Men: Destiny to be recalled.

Silicon Knights confirms job lay-offs

Silicon Knights confirms job lay-offs

Blames cancelled Activision project.

Too Human developer Silicon Knights has confirmed reports of a drastic set of redundancies at the studio.

CFO Mike Mays told the Financial Post that it has shed 45 employees, leaving just under 40 staff on the payroll.

Mays cited a cancelled project for Activision as the reason behind the cut-backs.

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X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny

Sleeping mutie.

"Crops dying. Earthquakes. Floods. The economy collapsed because of all those natural disasters," an anchorman states with gravitas at the start of X-Men: Destiny.

I'm going to postulate that "all those natural disasters" also include people vanishing after getting knocked out, invisible walls spawning throughout the city and the fabric of time moving in choppy spurts. On a technical level, X-Men: Destiny - from Too Human developer Silicon Knights - is shockingly dated.

The blocky character models, stiff animations, 2D explosions that wouldn't look out of place on the PS1 and stodgy controls are on par with those in budget titles like Deadly Premonition and Earth Defense Force: 2017. The voice-acting includes a character switching accents from Southern US to French to Jamaican in the span of a sentence. I even encountered a bug where Wolverine's claws were supposed to be drawn during a cut-scene, but weren't - and don't get me started on not being able to skip dialogue. That such abysmal issues are glaringly obvious in a full-price game from 2011 not starring Duke Nukem is astonishing.

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Out This Week - 30/09/11

FIFA 12! Resi: CV! Ico Collection!

EA Sports' annual football giant FIFA 12 lands this week for every platform under the sun. Versions for 3DS, DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 arrive in an otherwise quiet week for retail releases, as other titles stay clear of the beautiful game.

Dyack: Apps "eroding" handheld quality

"There are 17,000 fart apps right now."

The swamp of tacky iOS games is "eroding" the overall quality of the entire handheld market, reckons Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack - the App Store is causing "dramatic disruption".

First glimpse of X-Men Destiny

New trailer teases Silicon Knights' next.

A new trailer for X-Men Destiny has gone live, offering a first glimpse of what to expect from Silicon Knights' forthcoming superhero tie-in.