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FFXIII still on track for 2009 release

Development work "going favourably".

Final Fantasy XIII director and writer Motomu Toriyama has said "development is going favourably for a 2009 launch".

That puts the PS3 role-playing game back on track after Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada said the Dragon Quest IX delay may have a knock-on effect.

Toriyama's words spill from the pages of Japanese magazine Famitsu, read and translated by bookworm Kotaku.

Toriyama added that the FXIII demo - due April 16th as part of the Advent Children Complete Blu-ray - will be over an hour long, and designed to be played over and over again.

The content, he said, doesn't reach up to when heroine Lightning meets Snow, the bandana-wearing blonde one with a cheesy grin.

Final Fantasy XIII won't be released here until after April 2010. Europe and North America will also gain an Xbox 360 version, although Square Enix won't start working on that until the PS3 game is on the way to shops in Japan.

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