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FFXI Wings dated

Expansion in November.

The fourth expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI will be released for 360 and PC on 22nd November.

You will need the original game to play it, and Square Enix is still making its mind up about a price.

Not much is currently known about Wings of the Goddess, as it was only announced back in May.

It's rumoured to take part in the past, showing us the history of Vana'diel, and will also add a new job class to proceedings. Wings is on show at the Tokyo Game Show this week, so expect more details soon.

Final Fantasy XI is a massively-multiplayer online version of the legendary role-playing franchise - eventually launching here in 2004. It was also the first game to successfully offer cross-platform play, as PC, PS2 and 360 adventurers fought side by side.

Expansion packs Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urhgan have kept the experience fresh, luring in around 500,000 current players.

Head over to our Final Fantasy XI review on 360 to see how it all fits together.

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Final Fantasy XI: Online

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