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Ex-BioShock dev's horror game Perception meets its Kickstarter goal

New trailer shows more gameplay.

Perception, the horror game about a blind woman exploring a haunted New England manor, has surpassed its $150K Kickstarter goal.

Currently sporting $154,992 with 42 hours to go, Perception is on track for an estimated June 2016 release on PC.

Perception is the brainchild of Bill Gardner, an ex-Irrational staffer who worked on BioShock, BioShock Infinite, and SWAT 4. Gardner worked on the level design for the original BioShock's iconic "Welcome to Rapture" and "Fort Frolic" stages and he's joined by BioShock Infinite's audio director Jim Bonney and that series' character designer Robb Waters (who designed Songbird and Sander Cohen).

This latest first-person horror endeavor has players echolocating their way through a mansion while avoiding a nefarious force. Creating noise helps the player visualise what's around them, but also alerts the malevolent presence to your location. There will also be some component of time travel.

Developer The Deep End Games just announced a new Silent Night mode in which the protagonist, Cassie, doesn't speak. "Essentially it gives the players the choice of what kind of protagonist they want - a 'Chatty Cassie' or a typical horror game's silent protagonist," Gardner explained in an update.

Here's a new gameplay trailer showing how Perception looks like in reality:

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