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Epic announces publishing partnerships with Cozy Grove dev and Nine Inch Nails guitarist studio

Sweeney wad.

Following its previously reviewed partnerships with Remedy Entertainment, Inside developer Playdead, and Fumito Ueda's gen Designer (The Last Guardian), Epic Games' publishing arm has announced two new partners in the form of Cozy Grove creator Spry Fox and Eyes Out, the new studio co-founded by Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck.

Details on the titles each studio is developing for Epic are limited but previous word from Eyes Out - whose other co-founder is Cory Davis, creative director and designer on Spec Ops: The Line - revealed the team is working on a new single-player cosmic horror game.

The trailer celebrating Eyes Out's partnership with Epic doesn't reveal much more than that, alas, but does feature a short blast of music from Finck, alongside some suitably woozy visuals.

Eyes Out - Publisher Announcement.

As for Spry Fox - the team behind the likes of Cozy Grove and mobile gems Triple Town and Alphabear - it's said to be working on a "multiplatform nonviolent persistent" MMO that's "designed to encourage friendship and reduce loneliness in the world". There's a cheery bit of concept art to accompany the news:

Epic says the announcement highlights its "willingness to take risks on new projects and studios as both teams have set out to create their most ambitious projects yet".

Expect more news on both titles in due course.

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