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Elite: Dangerous trailer outlines Frontier's vision for next-gen space combat

It's a trap!

Frontier Developments has released a new video for Elite: Dangerous designed to showcase the space trading game's music.

But it also gives us an idea of Frontier's vision for what the crowdfunded game may end up looking like when development is complete.

The capital ship battle video, below, was used as part of the composer selection process for Elite: Dangerous, and contains music created for the pitch by the winning composer, Erasmus Talbot.

In short, it is a concept video used to inspire composers to create Elite's music.

Backers have of course wondered if the video was built using in-game footage. "The real question is, is that properly in-game, or is it promo-built video? (Meaning, will the cockpit flights look the same? The flight mechanics? The combat scripting? The VFX?)," asked X2Eliah.

Senior producer Michael Brookes took to Frontier's forum to explain.

"It's a mixture of both," he said. "It's all captured in game, but there is some post processing and the cockpit is a mock-up (we're implementing it in-game as we speak).

"We'll release a video in a few weeks that deconstructs the video from an art perspective so you'll get more details then."

Elsewhere, Brookes said that in the final game players won't be able to destroy enemy ships quite as quickly as the video suggests. "Yes, the combat in the video has been compressed," he said. "Things won't be quite so easy to kill.

Elite: Dangerous marks the first game in the series since 1995's Frontier: First Encounters. This latest entry raised a whopping £1.5 million Kickstarter and is due out on PC next year.

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