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Dota 2 mod turns the MOBA into an isometric Mario Kart

Welcome to Dota Dash.

If you found Dota 2's competitive team-based dynamics too intimidating and pined for something simpler like a racing game, then you're in luck. Modder and Redditer "bmddota" has customised the popular strategy game to resemble an isometric variant of Mario Kart.

Entitled Dota Dash, the mod contains Mario Kart's series staples like banana peels, boost power-ups and shells. Yes, even the blue shell, for better or worse.

Dota Dash also rearranges the parent game's controls to allows for arcade-style sliding. So far there's only a variation of Dota 2's map available, but at least one more new stage is being developed by mapmaker Azarak who worked on the Reflex, Pudge Wars and Fight or Flight levels.

Feel free to download Dota Dash at D2Modd.in and keep up with its development on the Steam forums. For now, take a gander at how it looks in action in the video below.

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