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Grab seven PC sim racing titles for £11 and support charity!

Some real classics in here.

I'll admit this very moment to being an avid sim racing junkie. I might not be any good at it, but the joys of hooking up a set of wheels and pedals and taking your favourite cars up a hillclimb or round a track is genuinely one of the best sensations in PC gaming. As a result, I've delved deep into some real classic titles, and you too can experience some of my favourites with this amazing bundle on titles from Humble Bundle, for just over a tenner, and you're supporting charity too, which is always lovely.

The Humble Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle is a collection of seven racing titles, with a good blend of the more hardcore sim titles to more arcade-based ones too - with that minimum spend, it works out that you're paying just over £1.50 per game, which for reference, barely gets you any DLC for Assetto Corsa.

I'll run you through what's included now. Assetto Corsa, while it may be a little older now, still feels like a brilliant sim, and it's one I've wasted a few hundred hours into since buying it a few years ago. It's got an excellent set of cars and tracks, and as this is the Ultimate Edition, you also get all the DLCs chucked in, including the three Porsche Packs. There's also an insane modding scene for AC, giving you access to hundreds more detailed cars and tracks from across motorsport's different decades - sites such as RaceDepartment are a real treasure trove, let me tell you.

Then comes ACC, or Assetto Corsa Competitzione, to give you its full title. This is more of a focused sim on the GT set of endurance racing, namely the Blancpain Endurance Series. It's a hyper-detailed option, with some of the best weather settings I've seen in a sim, as well as super tyre models and force feedback. ACC is one of those games where you get out what you put in - if you're willing to put the hours in to learn your craft and hone your technique, it's one of the most rewarding games out there.

Automobilista is more of an indie sim, in that it's made by Brazilian studio Reiza, and has developed a bit of a cult following thanks to its quirky car list that features everything from Ultima GTRs to Brazilian stock cars and Minis. Again, a great car list and unorthodox track selection makes it well worth a pickup, as does the point of being able to take any car on any track. Taking racing trucks around a kart track isn't one of my proudest achievements, but it works better than you might expect.

AMS 2 is more of the same as the original, and a game worth grabbing on its own, with a unique blend of legacy and modern cars and a title that inherits a lot from Project Cars 2 with a similar engine and tyre model. Nonetheless, it's one of the only games in the pack I don't have, and may just purchase to play it. RFactor 2 is a legend of the sim racing world, as was the original game, that's still going strong today. The second game may now be over 10 years old, but it still provides some of the most accurate and revered physics available in a sim racing title today, as well as great car and track scans and models, and a good quality of both, too.

It's from here into the last two games where my own experiences dissipate away, but that doesn't mean the last two games in here aren't any good! Nascar Heat 5 may be a couple of years old, but if you want to experience the authentic American oval discipline with all the licenced teams, tracks and drivers, then you'll be able to here. And, if you're a fan of drifting, then the 505 Games, the makers of Assetto Corsa Competitzione for console, developed Drift21 will be right up your alley, giving you the chance to take some of your favourite cars out onto the infamous Ebisu drift circuit to get the highest score possible.

The fact is, that this Humble Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle for £10.65 is an absolute steal and dare I say it, one of the best deals in PC gaming all year. What's especially helpful is the proceeds go to charity, so you not only get a set of seven amazing sim racing titles to get your teeth into over Christmas, but you're also helping some good causes out in the process.

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