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Cult classic RPG King of Dragon Pass' spiritual successor Six Ages out next month on PC

A mere 20 years after the first game.

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind, developer A Sharp's spiritual successor to mighty cult classic strategy RPG King of Dragon Pass, will be coming to PC on 17th October.

The original King of Dragon Pass is one of gaming's weirder success stories, having widely been considered a flop when it originally released for PC in 1999. However, the game found a second lease of life more than a decade later; when it launched for iOS in 2011, it utterly trounced the original release's 8,000 sales. So successful was the iOS version, in fact, that King of Dragon Pass was subsequently ported back to PC (and various other mobile devices), and a follow-up, Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind, was announced last year.

Six Ages' "multi-generational tale of survival" unfolds in a "land of old gods and magic", and offers the same mesmerising blend of text-based multiple-choice adventuring, role-playing, and strategy (with ample illustrations) as its predecessor - not entirely surprising given that it's the work of original creators David Dunham and Robin D. Laws.

Six Ages launched on iOS last year, but PC players will have a chance to "uncover the secrets of the valley, battle ancient enemies, and meet the gods, all while protecting your people and raiding your neighbours' cows" when it comes to Steam and GOG on 17th October.

And if you'd like to learn more about why the original King of Dragon Pass is so highly regarded, why not wibbly-wobble yourself back to 2013, a time when the game was featured as Eurogamer's App of the Day?

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