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Could this be the future of augmented-reality?

AR company Magic Leap envisions the shooter of tomorrow, today.

Magic Leap, the AR company where Snow Crash writer Neal Stephenson resides as "Chief Futurist", has released a conceptual demo showing off what it hopes to achieve with its cutting edge tech.

Apparently, it wants to let you shoot robots in your workplace. Ah, the future!

But Magic Leap wants to do this in a way we've never seen before. It wants the augmented-reality objects to seamlessly interact with those in the real world. "Magic Leap is mustering an arsenal of techniques - some tried and true, others unbelievably advanced - to produce a synthesised light field that falls upon the retina in the same way as light reflected from real objects in your environment," said Stephenson upon joining the company in December. "Depth perception, in this system, isn't just a trick played on the brain by showing it two slightly different images."

Magic Leap claimed in its YouTube notes that this video "is a game we're playing around the office right now," but it's obviously not this polished yet... if it is in fact a real project in development. When asked about this, a Magic Leap representative completely avoided my inquiries and replied, "glad you liked it!" Clearly the tech company is hoping this will go viral.

We're not accepting this as fact just yet - especially as WETA, the special effects company behind Lord of the Rings, was involved in this video's creation - but it paints an interesting picture at where we could be headed. And with Magic Leap raising $541m last October, it just might get there someday.

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