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Boundless to merge Minecraft with Rick and Morty on PS4 and PC

Use portals to hop between procedurally-generated planes.

Boundless looks like a giant multiplayer Minecraft by way of Rick and Morty.

Revealed at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference, Boundless is a procedurally-generated sandbox adventure coming to PS4 and PC. It will even offer cross-play between the two platforms.

In Boundless you spawn in a procedurally-generated homeworld, then are free to plop down a portal and hop into someone else's world.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, there will also be a PvP component as players can claim land by planting beacons. As such, you can steal territory from each other. If you and some friends fancy a particular plane, you can form a pack and colonise the land.

If you form a guild, you'll share land and resources as you build up your new base or go on treks together.

There will also be PvE challenges in the form of giant sentient fortresses called Titans. Players can tackle these alone or as a group. Fallen Titans can even be crafted into airships and buildings.

Developer Wonderstruck boasted about the various roleplay possibilities in Boundless as players can adopt a position as a treasure hunter, real estate agent, zoo keeper, antique dealer and more.

Check out how Boundless looks in action in its debut trailer below:

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