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Blizzard is officially doing classic, vanilla, legacy World of Warcraft servers

"Fans of World of Warcraft around the world we hear you."

Chris Bratt has now interviewed Blizzard about World of Warcraft Classic servers. He even asked J. Allen Brack about his infamous "you think you want it but you don't" statement, which he once made about legacy servers. Chortle, chortle.

Blizzard has actually done it - official vanilla World of Warcraft legacy servers are coming. World of Warcraft Classic is going to be a thing.

It's a bigger project than we probably realise so Blizzard said it's going to take some time. How long, we don't know. But it will be the authentic, Blizzard-quality experience - not exactly as scrappy as it was at launch but the launch content we remember.

The exact specifics are unclear at the moment but there are panels happening at BlizzCon this weekend that will clear some details up.

But finally we know the intent behind Blizzard holding the unprecedented meeting with the Nostalrius WOW legacy team last summer.

I can't wait.

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