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Bejeweled Twist released

Demo version and 15 quid full release.

PopCap has announced the release of Bejeweled Twist, the sequel announced last month, for GBP 14.95 online.

Twist's not entirely unpredictable variation on the classic match-three Bejeweled gameplay is to have the player rotate 2x2 groups of gems clockwise to try and form groups that then disappear.

There's a 45MB trial version or you can spend your fifteen quid straight off, and the full game includes various modes, like a five-minute time attack, a stress-free "Zen" mode and the more structured Challenge levels.

There are also bonus multipliers, new gem types and new obstacles, and a facility for action replays.

PopCap evidently hopes Twist will follow successfully in the footsteps of the massively popular Bejeweled 2, which is available on every format ever invented and about which even my mum is dimly aware.

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Bejeweled Twist


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