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Behold the 10 PlayStation Mobile games

A real App Store contender?

Yesterday evening, Sony announced PlayStation Mobile, which appears to be an unshackled evolution of PlayStation Minis available for PlayStation Certified Android devices. And Vita.

In other words, bite-sized and cheap game experiences. In other, other words, Sony's genuinely trying to embrace - and before it's too late - the mobile gaming boom.

Sony showed PlayStation Mobile games, but only very briefly. And a lot depends on the quality, and price, of those games. That's why, when I saw the names and screenshots of 10 PlayStation Mobile games on Sony's press site this morning, I thought I'd share them with you.

There wasn't any pricing or developer information available.

See any familiar sites?

Aqua Kitty


Flick Hockey


Passing Time

Samurai Beatdown

Super Crate Box


Tractor Trails

Twist Pilot

This is by Crash Lab, the studio formed by ex-Rare and Free Radical Design developers.

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