Picture of Gestalt



Red Faction gets vocal talent

Sci-fi sequel to star Lance Henriksen

Prisoner Of Windows

PC edition of hit stealth game due September 20th

Beach Life

Hands-On - Gestalt goes on holiday from the comfort of his own PC

Gaming industry off the hook

Appeals court throws out school shooting case

Jet Li hits PlayStation 2

Chinese martial arts star to appear in action-adventure game

PlayStation 2 goes online

American launch details revealed


Oliver Stone movie gets another videogame adaptation

Video la Republic

Over two minutes of footage from the much hyped revolution sim

TimeSplitters goes offline

No PS2 online support either

Bandits raid ECTS

Grin's vehicular action game debuts at show

Men In Black O2

The MIBs invade your mobile handset

Mario Meatballs

Another bizarre marketing concept

Sleeping Dragon awakens

Broken Sword 3 to debut at ECTS

TOCA sounds off

Dolby Surround support, and Iggy Pop on the soundtrack

Activision catches Worms sequel

Due out some time next year on "next generation platforms"

Sony get Experienced

More details on ECTS consumer hall

Zelenhgorm: The Great Ship

Hands-On - our resident bushy eyebrowed southpaw investigates this utterly bizarre Swedish adventure game

Xbox goes Live in November

In America, anyway

Anarchy Online gets boosted

Shadowlands delayed, stop gap announced

Mr Turok, I presume?

Acclaim's marketing department strikes again

Milking Gear Solid

Sons Of Liberty documentary spin-off on the way

EA gets on Trax

Snoop Dog and Bon Jovi "in the game"

FeatureFriis Tappert of CDV

Interview - we talk to CDV about their sci-fi action-strategy game Project Nomads

Future Kings Of The Ring?

Eidos goes Wrestling in the Backyard

Project Earth

Review - Lemon's space strategy game faces Starmageddon at the hands of Gestalt

Gone Crusading

Demo released for Stronghold sequel

Northbridge Needs You!

Join the town guard on our Neverwinter Nights server

Sudden Strike sequel lands on EuroGamer

New gameplay videos, screenshots and mini-game

What's New

Urban Warfare, Lost Kingdoms and Wolfenstein extras

Halo and Gotham sequels confirmed

Microsoft officially announces Xbox sequels for 2003-4

Another War

Hands-On - we take a beta version of the novel World War II role-playing game for a spin

New World Beta

Another tactical shooter, another multiplayer test demo

TOCA Drivers

Latest trailer focuses on story and characters

Thanks for the Memories

Shadow of Release Date grows longer

Mac-ively Multiplayer

EverQuest coming to OS X

Microsoft gets BioWare game

Two new games not to be Forgotten

Icewind Gold

Dungeon crawlers rejoice

Zelenhgorm's Great Ship sets sail

Oddball adventure game coming at end of August

Mafia finds Lost Heaven

Mob game due end of the month, new shots and TV ad released

FeatureIon Hardie of Reflexive Entertainment

Interview - Lionheart's lead designer talks Fallout, magic and the Spanish Inquisition

Tribes: Budget Attack

Planned Tribes 2 spin-off cancelled, budget pack on the way

Black Hawk Demo

Multiplayer test version now available

Rock Solid Tremors

Cult horror movie coming to PC and consoles

More Nemesis movie details

Director Paul Anderson talks Resident Evil

THQ Have A Go

MX Superfly to debut at Motocross event

Midway taken to AREA 51

Publisher teams up with Stan Winston on new console game

Buffy belated

September 13th release now on the cards

What's New?

Skating, snowboarding, and Star Trekking

Welcome to Northbridge

EuroGamer launches its own Neverwinter Nights persistent world

Rockstar Ate My (Barking) Dog

Take 2 buys Canadian developer, new games in the works

Nintendo plans GBA revision?

GameBoy Advance mark two may be on the way

3DO go to hell

Post-apocalyptic adventure a far cry from Army Men

IGI sequel goes ballistic(s)

Gun nuts rejoice

The Thing

Hands On - one of John Carpenter's greatest movies comes to the PC and next-gen consoles, and boy is it good

FeatureNorthbridge Tourist Guide

Article - an introduction to EuroGamer's very own Neverwinter Nights module

PDA Of Defiance

World's first handheld massively multiplayer game?

See DOOM run

ATI release in-game footage as "testimonial"

Renegade sequel canned

Red Alert themed shooter shut down

Resistance is futile

Download the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance demo

Neverwinter Nights

Review - we dig through the hype to find out if Bioware's latest effort is worth your hard earned Euros

Zoo Tycoon all at sea

Marine Mania expansion pack on the way

Pocket Speedball

PDA version of classic future sports game now available

Activision and Gungrave best PALs

Anime-inspired action game reaches Europe

Westka look for cash injection

Y-Project developers declare insolvency, but remain open for business

Neverwinter Knights

BioWare's new chess add-on takes mod total over 500

CT Special Forces

Quick Take - side-scrolling action comes to the GBA

Tony Hawk's Pro SMS

Extreme sports games coming to mobile phones

Midway launched by Mithis

More World War II, this time a naval strategy game

Filipino girl killed over smack talk

Talentless gamer on the run after shooting

FeatureGuy Wilday of Codemasters

Interview - Colin McRae Rally producer Guy Wilday talks about the latest game in the series

TOCA has a fender-bender

Latest trailer shows off damage system

Ubi Soft X-Isled

French publisher grabs another tactical shooter

Tribes veterans Drift away

Squad shooter in development at new studio

What's New?

All quiet on the new release front

Championship Manager On Ice?

Sports Interactive joins Finns to make ice hockey sim

Unreal Torment

UT 2003 may live up to its name

3DO to publish Xbox games

Now there's no escape

Time Of Defiance

Hands On - an in-depth look at an addictive online strategy game

Bandits at 10 o'clock

Grin brings vehicular mayhem to the PC

More Medals for EA

Allied Assault expansion pack on the way

Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood

First Look - Robin Hood, Robin Hood, and his merry men, coming soon to a PC near you

AquaNox: Revamped

New screenshots a Revelation

Rainbow Six : Raven Shield

Hands On - we take the latest episode of the multi-million selling Rainbow Six series for a spin

Ghosts recon consoles

More details on PS2 and Xbox ports

Take 2 label is dead

Long live Gotham Games

Dam Busters take to the skies

A Combat Flight Simulator add-on with a difference

Cycling Manager 2 announced

I want to ride manage my bicycle

Eidos launches Frontline Attack

World War II strategy game due in September

Conflict : Desert Sequels

Updated - SCi rack up two more special forces games

FeatureMike Grasso of 911

Interview - we talk to Rainbow Six technical consultant Mike Grasso

Spy Hunter movie on the way?

Oh god, not another one

No 2D War

Romanian RTS goes fully 3D

Voodoo Spirit

More Caribbean pirates on the way

FeatureMike McCoy of Ubi Soft Montreal

Interview - Rainbow Six : Raven Shield's lead designer introduces us to the third game in Tom Clancy's tactical action series

Kingdom Under Fire 2 trailer

Download the first in-game footage of this 3D action-strategy epic

Lara scores LSO

Abbey Road session for Tomb Raider soundtrack

Colin takes to the track

Fourth teaser trailer shows off rally stages

FeatureKingdom Under Fire 2 : The Crusaders

Korean real-time strategy game gets a dramatic 3D make-over

Black Hawk beta

Multiplayer test due out next month

What's New?

Enclave, Prisoner Of War and GT Concept amongst this week's releases