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Review | Halo review

Eurogamer was 15 years old this week! Here's one of our most famous reviews.

Review | King of Dragon Pass

Review - epic turn-based strategy of the beard-scratching kind

American Conquest

Hands On - Cossacks' developers conquer the New World in their real-time strategy follow-up

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy

Quick Take - a role-playing strategy game with a difference

Feature | Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

A new lease of life for the long-running Delta Force series?

Project Nomads

Hands On - we take CDV's action-strategy game for a spin

Shadowbane held back

Massively multiplayer game slips to 2003

GTA Vice City tunes

Seven soundtrack albums on the way

Kid Ninja escapes the Asylum

British developer unveils oddball cartoon action game

Feature | Nick Goldsworthy of BAM!

Interview - here be dragons

2003: Conquest Of America

Cossacks follow-up coming early next year

Riding Spirits on the way

Motorcycle sim haunts release charts

Blizzard gets tough with cheats

20,000 players kicked off Battle.net ladder - ouch

Morrowind expands

Tribunal add-on confirmed

The Face Escape

Your chance to be the cooler king

What's New

Summer's over - games galore

Review | Mafia

Review - the mob's answer to Grand Theft Auto falls flat on its face

Zelenhgorm: The Great Shipping

Weird Swedish adventure game soon to be available

Phantom Crash goodies

New trailer and music clips from mecha combat game

Nomads demo

Fly the friendly skies ahead of action-strategy release

Halo 2 trailer

Xbox sequel uncovered

Feature | Mistmare

We take a look at Arxel Tribe's baffling action RPG

GameBoy Fighter Alpha

Latest Street Fighter coming to GBA in November

Golden Divinity

Divine role-playing game on the way

ECTS - Rage round-up

Rocky gets Rolling

Presto shuts down

Myst III developers "lose passion" and close up shop

Game On for Edinburgh

Videogames exhibition goes to Royal Museum in Scotland

Frontline Competition

World War II strategy games get closer to release

Microsoft gets budget range

Ubi Soft to relaunch classic Microsoft PC games

Big Scale Racing

Hands-On - small cars mean serious fun in this RC racing simulator

R.C. Cars

Hands-On - motorised mayhem on a miniature scale

ECTS - 3DO round-up

More than just Army Men

Feature | Mike Simpson of Creative Assembly

Interview - Creative Assembly tell us all about Medieval: Total War

Say hello to Meg

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your console...

Spyro Crashes mobile phones

IN-FUSIO signs mobile games deal with Vivendi

EuroGamer Radeonates ECTS visitors

Competition winners announced

Feature | Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

An adult-oriented action game from 3DO - who woulda thunk it?

That's a wrap

Looks like we've made it to the end

Arxel's Tribe

We're having an old friend for dinner


Russian publisher shows off line-up

Repton Thru ECTS

All the latest on the retro remake


Hands On - Ubi Soft's cel shaded shooter arrives at ECTS with a "kapow!"


First Look - we take a peek at another Unreal-engined shooter

Feature | Xenus

Another innovative first person game emerges from the Ukraine

Feature | Charles Cecil of Revolution

Interview - Revolution boss Charles Cecil discusses his latest Broken Sword adventure

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