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Sam & Max return next month

Episode 1 is nearly here.

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New type of survival game.

Kingdom Hearts II out soon

No more Goofy-ing around.

Another PSP update released

Protect your data.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a small tweak to its recent major version 2.8 software update that benefits owners with bigger than average memory cards.

Uwe Boll pounds critic

In the face.

He might have as much skill behind the camera as the worst GCSE Media Studies student but videogame movie director Uwe Boll has used hidden talents to fight back at his harshest critics, beating the hell out of them in a boxing ring and then posting the fights online.

2K brings Jade Empire to PC

Release set for January 2007.

Finally BioWare’s martial arts RPG masterpiece (try saying that fast) Jade Empire is coming to PC courtesy of 2K Games, with souped-up graphics and stacks of bonus features.

Try Xbox Live free for a week

Promoting Windows Live spaces.

Put off Xbox Live by subscription fees and tales of loud Americans screaming into your headset from the other side of the globe? Well, now’s your chance to put any superstitions to rest, or prove yourself right, as a whole free week of Gold membership will be available later this month.

Reservoir Dogs

Stuck in the middle with you.

Just to quickly answer the first question everyone wants to know about this game; yes, you do get to play as Mr Blonde and slice people's ears off with a straight razor. Still, as any real fan of the movie knows, there was so much more to Reservoir Dogs than that brutally iconic scene and the good news is the video game version knows it too. How well it uses that knowledge is another matter.