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Another PSP update released

Protect your data.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a small tweak to its recent major version 2.8 software update that benefits owners with bigger than average memory cards.

Ensuring your PSP is up-to-date with the newest software might be becoming a hassle akin to maintaining your PC video card drivers but owners planning to buy memory sticks over 4GB won’t want to miss this particular patch.

Currently PSP systems running software version 2.80 or earlier do not correctly recognise high-capacity Memory Stick Pro Duos above this size, meaning movies, music and data can become corrupted. Sounds nasty.

As far as we know, sticks with such a vast amount of storage are not available yet but Sony’s actions suggest they could be with us very soon - though after this week’s PS3 debacle, don’t hold your breath.

The good news is, if you never got round to installing 2.80 (which boasts support for video and image content downloading from RSS content), version 2.81 includes all this software too. So, providing you're not one of Sony's homebrewing enemies, what are you waiting for, get updating now.

More detailed information about this update can be found at Sony’s official American PSP website but the download is available for all regions.

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