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Astroneer looks like the game you may have wanted from No Man's Sky

Coming to Early Access and Xbox One Preview Programme next week.

Those disappointed by No Man's Sky's lack of co-op play will likely be intrigued by the similarly procedurally-generated space exploration title Astroneer, which is coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox One's Game Preview Program on 16th December.

Astroneer allows players to explore procedurally-generated planets that can be terraformed and harvested for resources. According to developer System Era Softworks, players can "reshape terrain as though it were made of Play-Doh."

It's not just the landscapes that are malleable either, as players can craft their own custom-designed spaceships, vehicles and modules.

It won't necessarily be a lonely void out there either, as Astroneer will feature up to four-player drop-in/drop-out co-op, so you and your mates can form a new world together.

The developer noted that Astroneers will cost $19.99 (about £16) on all platforms.

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