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Reni Wassulmaier

Confused commercial producer Reni has a serious coke habit and is therefore well known by all the main dealers in Vice City. His missions range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and you'll always find him working (it hard) at the film studio on Prawn Island.

Accidents Will Happen

Reni is looking for someone with silky driving skills to star in his latest TV ad. A special stunt car is provided which is almost invincible - ideal as you need to race through a series of checkpoints at high speed, smashing specially-rigged cars out of the way. You don't need to hit every car - just enough to keep the action meter from draining completely. The scene ends when you hit the final checkpoint and crash into an apartment block.

The Colonel's Coke

Reni's supplier, Gonzalez, is moving some coke to Viceport by boat. Your job is to protect the boat from the air. Thankfully, a couple of Gonzalez's men travel with you in the Sea Sparrow, enabling you to concentrate on flying the chopper. Get close to the enemy boats and let the men do the rest - there really is no need to waste time trying to hit the boats with the Sparrow's onboard guns. When you reach the docks, an enemy helicopter will attack. Again, get in close and let the razor-sharp shooters in the back deal with the threat. Finish off a few more boats and the mission will finish.

Kill Phil

Reni introduces you to Barry, a manager in the music business who needs your help. He's squandered a few million quid and his debtors are threatening to kill his star act if he doesn't pay up. It's your job to transfer Barry's client safely to his hotel. Go and pick up the bullet-proof limo then head to the meeting location. A chopper will land and Phil will step out - Phil as in 80's popster Phil Collins. A gang suddenly ambushes the balding drummer, so quickly grab your gun and return fire. When you've dealt with them, get in the limo and drive Phil to his luxury Ocean Beach hotel. You'll be attacked by a couple of cars on the way but the limo is bullet-proof so there's very little to worry about. The vehicle is not indestructible however and you can still wreck it if you smash it about enough.

Say Cheese

Having impressed Reni with your silky driving skills he asks you to stand in as stuntman on his latest project. This scene begins with a jet-ski chase - find the jet-ski moored behind the studio and proceed through the markers. The jet-ski controls are extremely sensitive, so if you use the analog stick we recommend you pause the game and select the d-pad instead. With the d-pad it's much easier to make slight steering adjustments. There are several jumps along the route and you need to hit these at a decent speed otherwise you'll end up grounded. As soon as you hit the final ramp, jump off the jet-ski in mid-air and you'll land right next to a PCJ-600. That's handy. Get on the bike and race through the checkpoints. Providing you didn't mess up while on the jet-ski you'll have loads of time to reach the final marker and claim your pay cheque. That's Reni's last mission for a short while. Your next appointment is with Gonzales.

Kill Phil (Part 2)

It's time to protect Phil again. You just need a decent gun and some armour - no jacket required. The pint-sized singer is arriving for a sound check in around five games hours, by which time you must have swept the stadium and dealt with any security threats. Get there as fast as you can and head to the main entrance. Once inside you'll see a gang member kill a cop. Kill the cop killer then jump on the BMX leaned up against the wall. Ride to each of the markers on the map and shoot the enemy gangs. At one point you will need to jump off the bike and run up the steps to the stage where you'll find several more enemies. When you reach the final marker, one of the thugs will drop a key card for the basement. Back track to the basement door and blast the dozen or so guards lurking inside. Job done - Diaz's mission strand is now open, starting with Steal the Deal.

So Long Schlong

Mendez wants Reni dead for recommending your services to Diaz. Panicking, Reni heads to the hospital for an emergency sex change op while you act as a decoy at the film studio. Mendez's men will pour through the studio gates in search of the producer. The idea is to prevent the enemies from entering the buildings and discovering that Reni has escaped. Stand in the middle of the lot and pick off the men as they approach the hangers. After a short while, Reni will page you with an update. He's been surrounded by Mendez's men. Get in a vehicle and go and rescue him before his health is depleted. When Reni is safe in the car you can drive him to the hospital. A couple of cars will give chase but they're easy enough to shake providing you plan your route first. Now go and complete Diaz's Domo Arigato Domestoboto mission before returning to Reni.

In the Air Tonight

Drop Reni off at the airport (she is heading to Europe), then go and meet up with Barry at the stadium. As Phil is about to take to the stage, some guys are attempting to bring the lighting rig crashing down on the singer's shiny head. Keep an eye on your radar and as soon as a red dot appears, run towards it and beat the guy before he can saw through the cable. Don't worry if he does manage to cut the cable as there are four more left. After a brief interlude, in which Phil performs on stage, more men will attempt to finish the job. Keep on your toes, watching the radar at all times, and you'll soon be able to sit back and watch the remainder of Phil's show. This is more of an extended cutscene than a proper mission, but it's extremely well done. Enjoy!

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