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Gonzalez works for Colonel Cortez, a character you'll no doubt remember from the original Vice City. You're introduced to him as Reni's supplier, but you soon discover that he's audaciously skimming off Diaz's drug supply. Gonzalez appears in several places - look for the 'G' symbol on the map.

Home's on the Range

Having completed Rene's Say Cheese mission you get to meet up with greasy Gonzalez at the Leak Links golf club. Gonzalez believes that the way a man plays golf says a lot about him, so he wants to see how your swing sizes up before you do any further business. He's tied a traitor to a buoy floating in the water - the idea is to hit the target with your shot. To get the desired power and aim, stop the moving yellow bar inside the green areas. Hit them both and your shot will smash the target, completing this easy mission. This opens up the Driving Range pastime in which you can earn some easy money.

Purple Haze

Gonzalez wants you to deliver some drugs on his behalf. Hey ho, off you go to a garage in Ocean Beach where you'll find a van full of coke. When you arrive at the exchange point, a truck rams into you and some yuppies make off with the goods. Vic wakes up in a cloud of coke - the drug makes his vision all bright and blurry. Run - or rather stumble - to the nearby public phone to report the situation to Gonzalez, then jump on the bike parked around the corner. The drugs make for a wild ride and you'll need to fight with the controls just to keep going in a straight line. When you get to the party it really helps if you have a sniper rifle. The effects of the coke slows everything down, just like an adrenaline shot, allowing you to pick them off with ease. When prompted, reclaim the van and drive it back to the garage. The drug effects are now worse than ever, and you'll also have a two star wanted level to compound matters. Concentrate on keeping a straight line rather than worrying about the cops and you'll be fine. Gonzalez's final mission is only available after completing The Exchange for Ricardo Diaz.

Farewell to Arms

Jet-skis. Who wouldn't?

This is a straight-up balls-to-the-wall shooting mission. Gonzalez is attempting to fly a shipment of weapons out of Vice City and it's your job to ensure Sharks gang members don't crash the party. Armed with a powerful mini-gun, you must first defend Gonzalez's truck as it makes its way to the airport. Rather than spraying bullets around, concentrate on each enemy vehicle until it explodes - hold down the left trigger to steady your aim. Use the radar to identify roadblocks up ahead and try to clear these before the truck arrives (destroy the vehicle in the centre of the roadblock first as the explosion will blast the other vehicles out of the way). When Gonzalez makes it to the airport you need to first defend the gates, then take care of the Sharks who chase the plane down the runway. Due to the speed of this final chase, trying to target the enemy vehicles is far from easy, but thankfully you don't need to destroy them all for the plane to make a successful getaway. You can now attempt the final Mendez mission, Burning Bridges.

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