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Ricardo Diaz

Diaz is an infamous figure in the Vice City underworld, having built his drug smuggling business into a powerful empire. With your help he hopes to topple the Mendez brothers and become the city's coke king. He lives in the large mansion on Starfish Island.

Steal the Deal

Diaz wants you to follow one of Gonzalez's men in the hope that he leads you to the stolen drugs. You'll find the man exiting the strip club in Ocean Beach. Follow him first by car, then on a jet-ski, staying at a safe distance so you don't get spotted. After a lengthy chase you'll arrive at a wooden structure floating off the south tip of Ocean Beach. The drugs have been stashed on a boat here and the place is swarming with guards. Start by destroying the patrolling boats - you can do this on your jet-ski using your sub-machinegun. Then climb onto the structure and kill all the guards. Make sure you get them all, otherwise they'll blast the boat as you try to escape and the mission will fail. Finish by dropping the boat off at Diaz's dock.

The Exchange

You're sent to do a deal with the DEA on Diaz's behalf. However, when you arrive at the meeting point to make the exchange, Gonzalez's men open fire. There are several of them perched on surrounding buildings - run forward and grab the sniper rifle, then zoom in fully and start to pick them off one-by-one. When you locate a target (use the pink arrows floating around the scoped view to locate them quickly), hold the left trigger to steady your aim. The sniper rifle is a one-hit-kill weapon, meaning that even a shot in the leg will finish them off. A couple of the enemies are hiding on a building just around to the right, so you will need to reposition yourself to locate them. When they're all dead, jump in the weapons truck and take it to Diaz. You can now attempt Gonzalez's last mission, Farewell to Arms.

Domo Arigato Domestoboto

Diaz wants you to bankrupt Armando Mendez by destroying all of his bearer bonds. Trouble is, the bonds are locked in a safe inside his mansion. Drive to Prawn Island and climb into the van parked outside the Mendez place. Ingeniously, you take remote control of Armando's Domestoboto, a comedy robot that does chores around the house. Mendez will bark orders, such as clean a certain room or fetch something for him. Using the left and right triggers you can switch between the robot's various functions - cleaning brush, grabbing arm and so on. As soon as you've completed the first job you can get to work on the safe. Go down into the basement (the basement steps are located in the store room on the ground floor) and you'll find the safe up against the far wall. Enter the code using trial and error (the correct code is 8423, to save you struggling), then switch to the lighter arm and set fire to the bonds. Mission complete.

Over the Top

Armando is dead but his brother Diego is still running the Mendez empire. Diaz suggests that you acquire some serious weaponry to take him down. Go and pick up old friend Phil Cassidy and drive him to the Fort Baxter army base. Phil creates an explosive diversion, enabling you to enter the base by jumping on the small structure next to the wall. Once inside you're advised to avoid the search lights, but it's practically impossible to get in unnoticed so just sprint to the administration building, shooting any soldiers that cross your path. Once inside, kill a couple of guys guarding the hallway before locating the control room. Flip the switch to unlock the gate, then go back outside and run to the Hunter helicopter before it takes off. Don't waste time and ammo shooting each and every guard - just get to the chopper as quickly as you can. Once inside, take off and clear the army base before the guards in the watchtowers can bring it down with their heavy gunfire. To mission ends when you land the Hunter on the roof of Diaz's mansion.

Last Stand

This is it, the final mission. With a Hunter at your disposal, it's time to bring the Mendez empire crashing down. Climb in the chopper and fly to the Mendez building downtown. The upper level is swarming with enemies, some of which are armed with rocket launchers. If the warning "Missile Lock" flashes onscreen, quickly pull back sharply to avoid a direct hit. Thankfully, the Hunter's missiles have better range than the rocket launchers, allowing you to hover at a safe distance and fire continually into the upper floors. Once attacked, the surviving enemies will flee to the other side of the building so you'll need to keep circling to get them all. Following a cutscene you'll find yourself on the roof of the building. Grab the rocket launcher and top up your armour before entering the stairwell. You must fight your way through two floors that are swarming with enemies. Advance slowly, using walls, pillars, filing cabinets and just about anything else available as cover. When you've cleared the second floor, an enemy helicopter will appear outside the building. Quickly run to the window and fire a rocket directly at it. The chopper will spin out of control, at which point more enemies will run into the room. Deal with them, then wait for the helicopter to return. Hit it with a second rocket and it'll crash and burn. Now return to the roof where you'll find both Mendez and Martinez. Despite the double threat, these guys drop surprisingly easily under machinegun or AK fire. If you have a mini-gun then this final battle is over in seconds. The credits roll and you're now free to chip away at the 70-odd per cent of the game you've yet to complete. Go to the next page to discover all the good stuff you can unlock...

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