This article explains how to killing the Werebeast, Death Dealer and Leech Warlock in Bloodborne, following on from killing the Blood-Starved Beast.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

Once you've finished killing the Blood-Starved Beast, it's time to return to Hunter's Dream and take care of any outstanding business. Now, make your way to the Cathedral War lamp, then enter the next room, and go through the opening on your right before heading upstairs.

How to kill the Wheelchair Blunder

Go into the lift now and step on the plate to make it ascend. Just be careful when you enter the next room, because there's another one of those Wheelchair Blunders waiting for you inside. This time around, the enemy has a mini-gun to make use of. You need to wait between rounds to make your attack. When there's a pause, run in and kill him as quickly as possible - it doesn't have much health, so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to finish the job. When you're done, take the Communion rune from the chest.

Now go upstairs on the other side of this area until you can see a bridge. There are a few Henchmen in the room on the other side of the bridge, and two of them have guns. As soon as they see you, they'll run towards you. If you're struggling to get inside their room, you can usually pull a few towards your location and pick them off that way.

When you're ready, head over the bridge, kill any enemies remaining in the room, then take the Bloodtinge Gemstone from the chest that's over to your left. You're now at the Healing Church Workshop.

Exploring the Healing Church Workshop

Go back outside again, and then head around to the right where you should be able to spot an Imp. As soon as you attack, it'll likely drop down to the next level below, so just follow it and kill it quickly to get your hands on the goodies. Now, go along the path and make your way into the next room, before heading over the rickety bridge.

As soon as you get to the other side, take a look below you to line yourself up with the next bridge. Now drop down onto it, head towards those barrels, then drop down once more. You'll take a little damage in the process, so make sure you don't do this if your health is dangerously low!

You're looking for a bronze casket by a wall. If you go to it and look over the edge, you should be able to see an item on a beam below you. Align yourself with the beam, and then drop down to get the Madman's Knowledge from the corpse.

Head towards the wall and take a look below, where you should be able to see another wooden bridge. Get yourself to full health, then jump down onto it. This will remove around half of your health bar. Next, stand near the middle of the bridge and drop down once again. Go to the wall, then jump down again, before dropping down a final time onto the ground.

How to kill the Werebeast in Bloodborne and get a Beast rune

There's a Werebeast at the door. Sneak up and use your Charge Attack, then follow that up with a critical strike. Hopefully that finished the beast off, but if not then a couple more regular attacks should finish the job. You'll get a Beast rune as a reward for killing this creature.

Go through the door and then head along the path. Take the alleyway to your left towards where a corpse lies. Kill the Crazed Crows next to it, then loot the Rumpled Yharnam Hat and Sweaty Clothes from the body.

How to kill the Death Dealer in Bloodborne

Carry on around the corner here and head towards the stairs in front of you. Be ready to handle a Hound ambush, then turn around to the right to spot a Death Dealer. It's at the end of the path by the next lot of stairs.

The Death Dealer is not just a powerful opponent at your current level, it can also attack from a great distance and do a massive amount of damage to you. It can also draw you towards it for some close-quarters fun. When it enters a frenzied state, it will also move as fast as you can at sprint speed. Should you die, you'll end up in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. Should you come a cropper, check out our guide to escaping this place and returning to Hunter's Dream.

You're not going to die though, right? First of all, sneak up behind the enemy and use your Charge Attack, then a critical strike. This should take the foe down to around half its health. Keep attacking the creature until it enrages, but be ready for a further assault from two Henchmen and a Hound. When this happens, run back to where you thought the Werebeast and finish them off. The Death Dealer won't be able to get to you, giving you time to deal with the additional enemies.

When they're dead, wait a minute or so for the Death Dealer to head back to its default position. Repeat the process of using a Charge Attack, then hitting with a critical strike to finish off this fiddly opponent.

How to kill the Leech Warlock in Bloodborne

Approach the corpse that's just over from the Death Dealer's position to get a Madman's Knowledge. There are two more Henchmen patrolling around the path here, so kill them and then go right and head downstairs. Be ready to fight a Leech Warlock when this happens. These magical creatures can stun you if you get too close, or fail to dodge an attack, and then inflict huge damage against your face. You'll also lose Insight in the process.

Even if you don't get struck by the magical attack, you'll have to deal with the magic missiles flung your way. In order to kill this enemy, you need to get in close, whack 'em a few times, then get out of dodge quickly before repeating the process.

Sneak up on the Warlock and then use your Charge Attack, followed by a critical strike. If that hasn't destroyed the creature, just use the tactics we outlined above, or run away until it moves back into its original position. This will allow you to repeat your Charge Attack once more. When it's dead, make sure you get the Fire Blood Gemstone stash from the corpse nearby.

To conclude this section. just go back up the stairs and then walk down the path and enter the lift in front of you. This will take you to a new part of Cathedral Ward.

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