This article explains how to kill Axe Reaper and Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne, following on from the Werebeast, Death Dealer and Leech Warlock.

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As soon as the lift's finished moving, interact with the corpse to get some Thick Coldblood. Now jump down into the courtyard where a pack of Gravekeepers are waiting. Should you not want to fight all of them simultaneously, wait 'til one of them wanders off before engaging the remaining threat. Make sure all three are dealt with before you start wandering away from this area.

Grab the lever that's just right of the gate to open it up. Kill the Gravekeeper on the other side before looting the nearby corpse with the Wooden Shield on it. The stairs in front of you lead to the Cathedral Ward lamp, but for now go up the ladder and take the half dozen Numbing Mist items from the corpse.

Climb back down, then go up the stairs that are left of the balcony you dropped down from earlier. When you get to the top, you'll be able to take Thick Coldblood from the corpse. Carry on up the next load of stairs until you come to another corpse containing Blood Vials. Watch out for the Axe Reaper patrolling the stairs in front of you though. If it's facing you, head back downstairs and then go down the path on your right to come back around and get behind this enemy.

You also need to watch out for the Hound and Gravekeeper monsters mooching around this part of town. Go beyond the stairs to find the Hound, then search the stairs for his master. You can get more Thick Coldblood by searching the corpses at the bottom of the stairs.

How to kill the Axe Reaper in Bloodborne

As soon as you've cleared out these random enemies, you'll have to deal with the Axe Reaper, but you won't be able to use a Charge Attack or weak gunfire - this guy's immune to the effects of both. He is a very slow opponent though, so just wait for him to start making a swing, then dart to his rear and start beating him mercilessly. You've got bags of time to attack him before he starts swinging again, but watch out for the intimidating range of his weapon.

When the Axe Reaper is down, just make a mental note of that gate near the bottom of the steps. You'll be coming back here later, after you've done a little more work and pulled the lever to get the gate open.

Go upstairs, but pause a little as you reach the top and prepare to fight the pair of Gravekeepers who are waiting for you a little further on up. These guys pack melee weapons with decent reach, so use a Pebble to distract one and have it come chasing after you. Kill the second enemy next, then go to the top of the stairs and get ready to start a new boss fight with Vicar Amelia.

Tactics and strategies for killing Vicar Amelia

You need to be aware of a number of different attacks when fighting Vicar Amelia, but the good news is that all of them are frontal in nature, so positioning isn't too tough to manage throughout the fight. If you can manage to stay near her - and to the rear of her attacks - you should find this boss fight pretty easy all things considered.

So, it goes without saying you should never been in front of Amelia if it's at all avoidable. At the start of the battle, she'll instigate some swipe attacks that hit everything in front of her, and slightly to the sides. Be ready for her to try and snatch you too - this will lead to a huge amount of damage, but you'll only get caught if you stand too near her front.

If you choose to maintain distance between the two of you, she'll use one of her long-range attacks: a fist-slam into the floor which creates a damaging shockwave, or a lunging attack towards your face. Just stay close and you'll never have to worry about these two attack types.

Every now and then she'll go for her talisman. When this happens, starting furiously attacking her. She looks as though she's charging up an attack at this point, but if you're to her rear you won't have to worry about it at all.

You do need to watch out for her turning around though. This will happen sporadically throughout the fight, so just make sure you dodge immediately, then get back into position behind her so you can carry on attacking from a position of safety.

As soon as the boss has been beaten, go and interact with the item by the pedestal to start a cut-scene. Finally, make sure you activate the Grand Cathedral lamp.

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