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Super Smash ZOIDS Melee

Early morning cartoon that doesn’t suck spawns interesting game shocker

The world needs more robot dinosaur beat 'em ups. Virtua Fighter 4 was fabulous, but if you'd been manipulating a T-Rex in colossal mechanical combat with some sort of raptor it would have been even better. Probably. Either way, GameCube owners in Japan will soon be given the opportunity to fulfil their dino-robot-stomping fantasies in a new beat 'em up called ZOIDS VS, based on the early morning cartoon which you'll see on Sky One. And thanks to the popularity of the show in the UK, it's not too hard to imagine this hitting our shores in due course. The game is due out on September 6th in Japan, and is described by its developer as a single or two-player beat 'em up in the same vein as Virtual On. The developer also boasts that it includes a unique system for allowing the mechs to move realistically over uneven terrain, which will have obvious gameplay implications. Have a butcher's at some of the screenshots so far released by publisher Tomy and imagine it for yourself. Related Feature - ZOIDS VS screenshots

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