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NES games on GBA, part two

E-Card Readers won’t be the only way to play the likes of Excitebike

Nintendo has been delving deeper into its back catalogue lately, repackaging old NES games on collectible trading cards with a magnetic strip. The forthcoming E-Card Reader will allow gamers to plug in their trading cards and play the likes of Donkey Kong Jr. and Excitebike, and now it has emerged that the Cube release of Animal Crossing will not only reward players with collectible NES games as they work their way through the game, but that these traces of the platform holder's history will be playable on the GBA. IGN reports that by selecting "Advance Play" from the Animal Crossing menu screen, games can be transferred to the portable in less than five seconds. Excitebike will be among those games included in Animal Crossing, despite also appearing as part of the E-Card range. Nintendo has yet to announce a firm UK release date for Animal Crossing, but we'll try to remember to kick them about it when we meet up during ECTS. Related Feature - E-Reader plays its hand

Source - IGN

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