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Neverwinter Deathmatch

First official add-on module released

BioWare have released the first official add-on module for Neverwinter Nights, which is expected to teleport on to shelves across Europe tomorrow. Before you get too excited, Contest Of Champions is a fairly straightforward deathmatch module allowing four teams of characters to battle it out online in two different arenas. It's a neat demonstration of what the game can do though, with the ability to raise or lower your level as appropriate to give an even match and a shop in each team's base from which to purchase extra equipment before the battle. Hopefully more interesting modules will follow, and the comprehensive editing tools that come with the game should ensure a flood of user-made add-ons in the months to come. In the meantime though, if you fancy turning your Neverwinter Nights into Quake 3, you can grab the module from the downloads page at Bioware's website. Related Feature - A Neverwinter Night's Dream

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