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Crucial PC2100 DDR supply questioned

It's certainly selling very fast

PC-2100 DDR SDRAM is clearly very hot stuff indeed. Micron Technologies' memory selling subsidiary Crucial, which began offering the DIMMs on its Web site on Monday, claims to be selling modules at the rate of one ever five seconds. That may explain why we've been getting messages that the company doesn't actually have any for delivery, despite offering the technology at near PC-133 prices all week. A Crucial spokeswoman tacitly denied the charge, citing the hot cakes-like rate at which the parts are being ordered. Of course, selling a product and shipping it aren't the same thing. However, with Crucial's PC2100 product arriving in volume in the UK now, we'd be surprised it really isn't shipping in the US. But take that figure: one every five seconds. Assuming a full 24-hour sales period, that works out at around 345,600 modules since Monday (counting Monday and Friday as half-days). At $126.89 for a 256MB module, that's $43,884,288 it's made in sales already. So either Crucial's being a tad overenthusiastic, or this memory business is a darn sight more lucrative than we previously thought. Related Feature - UK gets Crucial memory boost

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