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Codemasters united

A much-mooted possibility now that consoles are catching up with the PC is unilateral gaming networks, and the Codies have just such a plan..

Announced this morning, the Codemasters Multiplayer Network (CMN) will allow owners of PC titles to play against their console counterparts, with future support planned for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, as well as WAP and other wireless services. CMN goes live on November 24th. Presumably it's no coincidence that the network shares its launch date with the PS2 in this country and across Europe, but also available on that day is the Codemasters' 4x4 off-road racing title "Insane". Other titles such as Colin McCrae Rally 2 will also take advantage of the network. Also included in the operation will be a perpetual gaming ladder for gamers to compete against one another in, and specific software for gamers to access the network with be bundled with Insane. Of course, success breeds enemies, and you'll notice that the Dreamcast was not included in that lineup. Who knows why.

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