Features Archive Page 89

10 July 2006

FeatureJoint Task Force

Talking war with the creators of Vivendi's new RTS.

6 July 2006

Mercury Meltdown


4 July 2006

FeatureIt Really Is All Over

And we're sick of PES and FIFA. So what are our other footballing options?

FeatureUK Charts: Liberty City Stories holds off Mario

Strong performance for the DS with four titles in the top ten.

29 June 2006

Hero Online

Setting its sights Hai.

Miami Vice

Hands-on with Rebellion's PSP shooter.

28 June 2006

FeatureWarren Spector on game development

Part 2: On 'less enjoyable paths' and reaching a wider audience.

27 June 2006

FeatureWarren Spector on game development

Part 1: On formats, models, and differing design philosophies.

FeatureUK Charts: Rockstar muscles in on top-spot

DS Lite launch shakes up the top 40

23 June 2006

FeatureThe Best of the DS

Just bought a DS Lite? This is the page you'll want.


Human Head speaks out.

22 June 2006

FeatureMiami Vice

Rebellion talks shop, cops and Colin Farrell.

20 June 2006

FeatureUK Charts: Football's coming home

It's five a side and FIFA's in the lead

16 June 2006

FeatureXbox 360 BC: The Best Ones

Some old Xbox classics you should try out on the 360.

15 June 2006

FeatureXbox 360 BC: 10 Most Wanted

The Xbox titles we'd love to see running on 360.

14 June 2006

FeatureMercury Meltdown

The sequel. Butter whole lot better.

FeatureUK Charts: FIFA tops the table again

World Cup boosts sales further.

13 June 2006

FeatureThe Life of Brain

One From The Archive - Brain Training.

12 June 2006

Myth War Online

Hit, Myth or Maybe?

8 June 2006

FeatureOpening the Valve

Part 2: On Warren Spector, Alyx, and the importance of playtesting.

6 June 2006

FeatureOpening the Valve

Gabe Newell and co. on Hollywood, Episode One and future expansions.

FeatureUK Charts: Hitman gets second shot at the top

Hitman: Blood Money marks the third top ten entry for the Britsoft publisher.

5 June 2006

FeatureThe LocoMotion

We chat to LocoRoco's Tsutomo Kouno.

2 June 2006

F.E.A.R. The Future

Hands-on with the 360 port and PC expansion.

FeatureMap to a Lost Planet

Keiji Inafune talks about his Xbox 360 exclusive.

1 June 2006

City of Heroes / Villains - Issue 7

The eternal fight against crime gets more eternal.

31 May 2006

FeatureUK Charts: Hitman makes a killing

Eidos title knocks FIFA off the all-formats top spot.

Gran Turismo HD

A few quick thoughts. Admittedly slow to the grid.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Silver's the new hedgehog.

25 May 2006

Sonic Wild Fire

Hogging the remote.

24 May 2006

Project H.A.M.M.E.R

Bangin' on.

23 May 2006

FeatureAssassin's Creed

Ubi's next 'killer' app.

FeatureUK Charts: You'd think it was World Cup year

Konami on the attack with Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

John Woo's Stranglehold

Maximum Wootage.

22 May 2006

Dead Rising

Get shares quick.

19 May 2006

FeatureXbox 360: Live and well

Post E3: Now and Zen.

God of War II

Pray for mercy.

Excite Truck

Show your Wiimotions.

18 May 2006

FeatureWii: The name of the game

Post-E3: Nintendo convinces.



17 May 2006

FeatureThe Darkness

I believe in a thing called next-gen.

16 May 2006

FeatureAlone in the Dark

Consolidate all those monthly killings!

FeatureMana a Mana

Kouichi Ishii on the World of Mana titles.

Metroid Prime: Corruption

A tale of waiting in line.

15 May 2006

FeatureQ's for Tetsuya Mizuguchi

We talk every-flavour Lumines, music and more.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twiilight Princess, for today.

FeatureSEGA Rally

The legend returns.

12 May 2006

Too Human

E3: Too easy, more like.

Wii Sports

E3: What a racket.

FeatureE3 2006: Konami

Metal Gear Solid 4, Castlevania, Coded Arms, and more…

FeatureGuitar Hero II

E3: Onboard the Harmonix tour bus.

FeatureMotor Storm

E3: Evolutionary.

Super Mario Galaxy

E3: Wii approve.

FeaturePhil Harrison talks PS3

E3: Sony exec speaks out.

FeatureSon of a Godhand

E3: Atsushi Inaba on Okami, and his latest and project.

11 May 2006

FeatureMoore on Microsoft's next-gen battle

E3: Xbox boss speaks his mind.

FeatureThe Club

E3: Gotham for guns?

FeatureSilent Hill Origins

E3: Handheld horror.

FeatureE3 2006: Activision

Tony Hawk, Quake Wars, Marvel and more...

Virtua Tennis 3

E3: Serving up another ace.

FeatureMiyamoto and Sakurai on Nintendo Wii

E3: Smash Bros., Mario, more.

10 May 2006

FeatureSupreme Commander

E3: Sadly not a Diana Ross-based RTS.

FeatureJoint Task Force

E3: The world's first anti-war RTS?


E3: Here be dragons. And movie tie-ins.

FeatureFrontlines: Fuel of War

E3: Next-gen FPS action from the Kaos crew.

FeatureDestroy All Humans 2

E3: Who said the cold war was over?


E3: Junglist massive.

FeatureBattlefield 2142

E3: The real cold war is about to begin.

FeatureMiami Vice

E3: The PSP gets a new super sharp shooter.

FeatureSuperman Returns

E3: Clark Kent goes next-gen.


E3: Global war in the meching.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure

E3: On the ball. And the story. And the mini-games.

9 May 2006

FeatureE3: Iwata shows off Wii

But when and how much?


E3: We use the tilt controller and quiz Incog's Dylan Jobe about it.

8 May 2006

FeatureCaesar IV

Pre-E3: The emperor strikes back.

Hitman: Blood Money

Pre-E3: 47 not out.

6 May 2006

Forbidden Siren 2

Pre E3: Night of the living dead.

5 May 2006

FeatureE3 2006: Show Preview

It's time. (Well, nearly.)

Feature2005 UK Sales Review

Part Three: PC, Xbox 360, and the year ahead.

FeatureEG.net's E3 Coverage Schedule and details

I won't need a passport, right?

Sensible Soccer 2006

Pre-E3: Save our summer!

4 May 2006

Feature2005 UK Sales Review

Part Two: Clapping the handhelds.

Test Drive Unlimited

Pre-E3: We take it for a, oh never mind.

3 May 2006

Feature2005 UK Sales Review

Part One: How current-gen consoles did in 2005.

FeatureUK Charts: World Cup lifts World Cup

Lara gracefully steps aside for the fans.

2 May 2006

FeatureRichard Garriott talks Tabula Rasa

News on how it's progressing and the E3 demo.

28 April 2006

27 April 2006

FeatureEA takes on the World

The Cup runneth over.

26 April 2006


Some thoughts on the demo. Principally, "woot!"

Heroes of Might & Magic V

From zeroes to heroes.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War

Ziggy played guitar. Also, RTS.

25 April 2006

FeatureAnimal Crossing closes gap on Lara

Vivendi still chilling out in second place.

24 April 2006

FeatureDark Messiah of Might & Magic

We turn a mirror on this Black Narcissus.

20 April 2006

FeatureTitan Quest

Let's get mythical.

19 April 2006

14 April 2006

Lost Planet

Pre-E3: Extreme conditioning.