The Dishwasher on XBLA this Weds

800 MSP for Dream Build Play winner.

Microsoft has announced that James Silva's The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai will be released for Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, 1st April.

The Dishwasher, which goes for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60), is an expanded version of the idea that won Silva the 2007 Dream Build Play contest.

It's a 2D scrolling beat-'em-up where you play as an undead samurai dishwasher and fight an evil cyborg army with swords and "Dish Magic".

The story is told through graphic novel-style cut-scenes, and was inspired by Silva's own experience working as a dishwasher. Social mobility, kids.

Back at the start of 2008, when The Dishwasher was demoed as one of the XNA Community Games, we noted in our write-up, "Even in the first demo level you'll discover a fairly rich combo system, a hierarchy of power-ups and support items that can be purchased or earned, and a well executed boss battle."

It's also got arcade and campaign co-operative modes, and it's even possible to use the Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar controller during a mini-game.

If you fancy putting that to the test, Silva himself will be online this Saturday from 6-9pm PST (Sunday 2-5am GMT - good luck with that) to play with people.

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