Tetris Splash on XBLA tomorrow

Some sort of puzzle game.

Microsoft has said Tetris Splash will be tomorrow's Live Arcade offering, and will cost 800 of your hard-earned points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30).

It's a variation on the classic puzzle theme, one that has six-player free-for-all and team matches over Live. Or you can play on your own and mix things up with new T-Spin and Combo modes.

As with all the other retro revamps on Live Arcade, Tetris Splash will have polished-up graphics, leaderboards and 12 achievements to unlock (netting you 200 Gamerpoints if you can get them all).

You'll also be able to download "exciting" themes for your dashboard and "unprecedented" background aquatic creatures.

So, a touch expensive, but probably predictably addictive. Expect our thoughts on it soon.

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