POP, Brothers in Arms and Skate 2 on GOD

Xbox Live download service swells.

Three more titles have been added to the Xbox Live Games on Demand Service. They are Prince of Persia, Skate 2 and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Skate 2 costs 15 to download; the other two cost 20.

Skate 2 is the best of the three and remains the genre-leader for skateboarding games, at least until Skate 3 comes out. Skate 2 earned 8/10 on Eurogamer. You can queue it for download from the website.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is a strategic World War II shooter. Adequate but uninspiring: 7/10, said Eurogamer. You can queue Hell's Highway for download on the website.

Prince of Persia was supposed to be Ubisoft's big IP revival, with a sumptuous stylised visuals, co-op and an emphasis on climbing and exploration. Turned out to be a bit monotonous and boring, although some people liked it. Nevertheless, a sequel using the same engine could be a triumph, in much the same way that Assassin's Creed II now towers over AC1.

Catch up with Eurogamer's Prince of Persia review to find out more. You can queue the game for download from the website.

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