Forza on three screens!

Turn your lounge into an arcade.

Fans of Xbox racer Forza Motorsport and them games you get in arcades with three tellies will be pleased to hear that the game has a hidden feature, called Network Cockpit, which allows you to recreate the experience at home. has all the details, but basically you'll need at least two Xboxes, a copy of the game for each console and, of course, a bunch of TVs.

Then it's a matter of hooking it all up with the same Ethernet cables and hub you'd use for System Link and faffing about for a bit before enjoying all the thrills and spills of multiple-screen racing. And what's more, you can also take it online via Xbox Live.

"For added immersion, change the room around your set up," suggests

"Adjust your chair relative to the screen. Run your sound through stereo speakers. Hook up a steering wheel and pedals. Place fuzzy dice over the television. Put a bobble head on your dashboard. You may think we’re joking, but a good racing set up is worth sitting in for hours and hours." Right.

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