MG Acid gets price cut

But only in Japan, so far.

Konami Japan has announced that turn-based card battler Metal Gear Acid will be re-released at a bargain price, making it the cheapest PSP game on the shelves by a healthy margin.

MGA was first launched in Japan last December priced 4800 yen (around 24), but the new version - which is being released as part of the Best of Konami range - will cost just 2100 yen (10.50). It'll hit the shops on November 17, just weeks before Metal Gear Acid 2 arrives on December 8.

The re-release was announced by MGA 2 producer Noriaki Okamura at a Tokyo Game Show event.

"There are probably a lot of people who haven't played the first game yet," he said.

"Metal Gear Acid really isn't a hard game. We hope everyone will try it out at our booth and pick up the original game before we release the sequel."

A Konami spokesperson told Eurogamer there are currently no plans to release a budget MGA in Europe, which is hardly surprising since it only came out here about three weeks ago. But it's still interesting to see Konami taking the lead with budget PSP games, even if only in Japan so far... Let's hope Sony follows suit with a Platinum PSP range at some point, eh?

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