RoboBlitz due on Steam

As well as Xbox Live Arcade.

Announced yonks ago for Xbox Live Arcade, indie developer Naked Sky's physics-driven action game RoboBlitz is now on its way to PC as well.

Beige boxers will be able to get their grubby mouse cursors on it "in the coming weeks" thanks to a deal with Valve to sell the game through Steam for US$ 14.99.

According to the developer, there'll be a demo "in the old school shareware style" too, with the intro and first three levels unlocked initially and the rest becoming available when you pony up the funds.

On the PC side, Naked Sky's Tian Mu said Steam was perfect for RoboBlitz, particularly as the company has "long-term plans to expand RoboBlitz with new content".

And since you've probably not been paying attention, you cad, the game's about a young robot called Blitz, who has to solve puzzles and get his hands dirty across 19 levels in seven distinct environments in order to activate a Space Cannon and save his world from what are described as "maladjusted space pirates".

LA-based Naked Sky is using the Unreal Engine 3, amazingly, with proper physics implementation, but the game won't eat up all your hard disk - after all, the Xbox Live Arcade version will need to be less than 50MB.

What it will do is go about its business with a sense of humour, and support for eight languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

There's no immediate word on when the Xbox Live Arcade version is due out, but we'd expect it to turn up around the same time as the PC version - and you can keep an eye on the official site for more pointers.

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