Predator details sneak into view

The Eurocom-developed Concrete Jungle shows its face courtesy of an official webpage, ahead of a proper E3 unveiling next week.

Details of Vivendi's forthcoming Predator title have crept imperceptibly into the open this week courtesy of an official webpage uncovered by 1UP. "Predator: Concrete Jungle" is a third-person action game in development at Eurocom for PS2 and Xbox, and forms part of VU Games' E3 line-up, confirmed this week.

According to the available info, Predator sees the player hunting down members of a Mafia family in the 1930s and then 2030s, exploring huge, free-roaming and interactive urban environments complete with realistic weather and day and night cycles.

The Predator will apparently have use of four vision modes (Thermal Vision, Prey Vision, Tech Vision and Neural Scan), those ranged blaster wotsits from the movies, various close quarters slashamajigs and of course his iconic optical camouflage, which renders him almost invisible to the naked eye.

Less expected (except perhaps by those who keep up with the crossover comic books and the like, which we'll admit we have no real idea about) is the news that the game ties in with the backstory of the Alien films, and has you exploring the origins of the Weyland-Yutani corporation.

Perhaps this is a hint at how the forthcoming Aliens Vs. Predator film will tie the two franchises together - and perhaps there's a possibility as a result that an Alien game working along similar lines might appear further down the line, although obviously that's just speculation.

Expect to hear more about Predator: Concrete Jungle when E3 opens next Wednesday.

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