New console RTS from Total War team

Stormrise for PS3 and 360 next year.

SEGA has unveiled a brand new real-time strategy game built solely for Xbox 360 and PS3.

It will be built by Total War developer Creative Assembly and be in the shops some time next year.

Dubbed Stormrise, the big idea is "verticality", where you control your troops underground, on the ground, on rooftops and in the air from the front line. No sitting back and ordering people around.

We're promised a console-focused control system that will be simple, fast and precise on a pad, so you will be able to carry out your plan without screaming.

Stormrise is set on a tattered earth ravaged by an ancient war, where the Echelon and Sai factions still battle to survive. The Echelon are clever and have fancy technologies, while the Sai are tribal and have learned to live with the harsh environment.

The cumulative effect will "revolutionise the genre on consoles", promises the marketing blurb. We've never heard that one before.

Creative Assembly most recently delivered us Viking: Battle for Asgard, which struggled to meet the critical acclaim usually attached to the Total War instalments.

We'll be seeing the game at E3 next week. So look out for our thoughts soon.

Head over to our Stormrise gallery for the very first screenshots.

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