Left 4 Dead demo arriving early next week

Pre-order and you can play from Thursday.

Valve plans to release PC and Xbox 360 demos of Left 4 Dead on Tuesday 11th November.

Furthermore, anyone pre-ordering the zombie shooter from Steam will be able to play as soon as this Thursday. This Thursday! There's also a 10 per cent discount for those reserving a copy on Steam.

Left 4 Dead is the co-operative shooter that caused quite a stir at the Eurogamer Expo, regularly sporting one of the longest queues of the show.

The idea is to kill hordes of Infected (read: zombies) before they eat you, with the help of three co-op team-mates. That's good enough, but add the opportunity for real people to control the Infected and the formula becomes even more enticing.

Left 4 Dead will be out on PC from Steam on 18th November, and on Xbox 360 from 21st November. There's no PS3 version, in case you're wondering.

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