High Voltage's Wii gladiator game slips

Plus: Vanquish confirmed for winter.

SEGA's pushed the release of High Voltage's Wii gladiator game, Tournament of Legends, back a bit. What was once May is now 2nd July.

That same release schedule also offered a concrete winter 2010 release date for PlatinumGames' Vanquish. There's more about Vanquish in our considerable preview.

Tournament of Legends, on the other hand, aims to bring mature and bloody arena combat to Wii. Developer High Voltage is still on a crusade to prove that Nintendo's console can produce action games and shooters of a similar ilk to those on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The developer's first attempt, The Conduit, turned out to be a bit rubbish and sold - like many third-party Wii games - few copies.

Let's hope Tournament of Legends can perform better.

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